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The importance of diversity, inclusion and belonging in talent management

Savvy employers recognise they need to work hard not just to keep great people but create an environment where they belong. Tips for helping employers keep their best people. And attract the talent they need to grow and perform. 
Mikaela Gladden, Content Writer

At times it seems like everyone is talking about The Great Resignation. While there is plenty of disagreement about what it means and whether the label fits, few doubt that it is happening.  

The experience of the pandemic has led to many employees reflecting on their work and workplace and deciding it’s time to make a change. On top of that, numerous studies show one of the main drivers is a lack of belonging and disconnection between work and purpose.  

Here to explore this further is VP of Talent Management from MMM Holdings Nidia I. Garza. During an interactive session with The Conference Board late last year, Nidia looked at how building talent management on a DE&I foundation combined with curated learning paths offering opportunities for growth can help employers keep their best people and attract the talent they need to grow and perform. Breaking it down into past, present and future, see what she had to say below. 

The ghost of retention past 

The ghost of retention present 

The ghost of retention future 

Keen to learn more? Watch the full recording of the session here.  

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