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The Go1 Content Insider - June 2022 edition

In June we're focusing on leadership and office safety. In this update, check out our partners who teach us about leadership theory, developing trust, managing teams, and taking an empathy-first approach.
Shannon Herrera, Head of Content Curation

Creating a culture of learning is about continuously providing opportunities for your employees to learn and grow. Going forward, the Content Insider Blog will provide specific examples of content that you can roll out to your employees in the following month to keep your employees engaged with content all year round, while still keeping you informed of new content partners, new content, and existing partners to check out.

Our suggested playlists for July focus on two very important topics: Leadership and Office Safety. An introduction to leadership theory, developing trust, managing teams, and taking an empathy-first approach are all part of the playlist titled “Get Results Through Others: Intro to Leadership & Management.” Included in the “Enhance Health & Safety: Office Environments” playlist are courses on situational awareness, ergonomics, emergency exits, fire extinguishers, and simple exercises that can be done at your desk. In this blog, we’re spotlighting three of the content partners featured on these playlists: Filtered, Pinktum, and Marcom. You can find links to the July playlists on Go1’s 12 Months of Learning website.

What content partners should you check out this month?

For over four years, UK-based content partner Filtered has been offering engaging, high-quality courses through the Content Hub. They currently have 38 titles on topics ranging from Microsoft Excel to data science to critical thinking. Filtered specializes in in-depth learning. Their courses are all more than an hour-long, with their longest course lasting 32 hours! Each course begins with a detailed pre-assessment that directs learners to areas of focus. Learners can take the entire course or focus on high-priority chapters within it.

Check out popular titles:

  • Excel for Accountants – Beginner
  • Mindfulness at Work
  • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
  • Business Writing
  • Finance for Non-Finance Professionals

Pinktum (formerly Pink University) has been creating high-impact learning experiences for over 25 years. They offer over 200 courses through the Content Hub, many of them featuring localized language support in Chinese, German, Spanish, and French. Based in Germany, Pinktum develops content for global audiences on topics such as design thinking, conflict resolution, virtual teams, scrum, and storytelling in the workplace.

See these favorites by this partner to learn more:

  • Agile Project Management – Basics
  • Conflict resolution between Colleagues
  • Situational Leadership
  • Difficult Negotiations
  • Delegating Tasks

Specializing in the manufacturing, healthcare, and industrial space, Marcom is a leading partner of traditional -style health and safety learning experiences. Their current Content Hub offering is over 1000 courses… and is growing! Marcom recently added industry-specific versions of their “Workplace Violence” course. If you need content on construction, industrial hygiene, PPE (and so much more), this partner has you covered.

Top titles include:

  • Active Shooter: Surviving an Attack
  • Slips, Trips & Falls
  • Ladder Safety
  • Driving Defensively
  • Hand & Power Tool Safety
  • Lock-Out/Tag-Out

What new content partner have we added to the Content Hub? 

Security Island

  • This new content partner, based in Germany, provides courses on sustainability, data compliance, information security, digital skills, and diversity & inclusion.  
  • They offer 44 engaging courses ranging from 25 to 35 minutes.
  • Titles include Phishing, Information Security while Traveling, Corporate Social Responsibility, Inclusion, Climate Clever At Work, and Digital Skills – Dealing with Change in a Digital World.
  • Security Island courses are available in multiple languages including German, French, and Spanish.

What great new content have our current content partners added to the Content Hub?

Check out some new offerings from current content partners!

Health & Safety

  • Marcom – Updated workplace safety content and new industry-specific versions of the "Workplace Violence" course

Anti-Discrimination & Harassment

  • Traliant – Updated 2022 Harassment courses, both general and state-specific  

Multi-Language Content 

  • Cegos – New localizations for Asia-Pacific, including Japanese, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Vietnamese, Malay, Korean, and Indonesian. *Only available in some markets. 

What’s Shannon’s favorite course right now?  

Finding a favorite course this month was a bit tough. I have been diving into the new content partner, Emeritus, that we introduced in May, and have taken a variety of courses – everything from The Art of Gathering by Priya Parker to The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. Emeritus courses are typically 20-30 minutes and are a great way to get in a little professional or personal development in your day. Their courses would also make a great lunch and learn – watching a course as a group and then having discussions after. As a leader, I found Setting a Vision for the Future particularly helpful.

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