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The Go1 Content Insider - July 2023 edition

In July, we have two great playlists in the 12 Months of Learning calendar to help both new and experienced leaders sharpen their skills.
Shannon Herrera, Head of Content Curation

Welcome to July! Halfway through the year. Are you on track to meet your learning goals this year for yourself and your organization? If you’re not sure what to focus on next, we have two great playlists in the 12 Months of Learning calendar focused on leadership to help both new and experienced leaders sharpen their skills.

Note: The June Content Insider was skipped. The Content Insider will be released by the 15th of each month going forward.

What content providers should you check out this month?

Cultivate Advisors

  • Topic coverage: General Business Skills, Leadership & Management, Communication & Interpersonal skills, Sales, Recruiting & Hiring, Time Management, Productivity
  • 50+ courses in Premium, ranging from 3 to 366 minutes in duration
  • Top courses: Dynamic Leadership - Developing Trust, Personal Productivity - Goal & Task Prioritization, Impactful Communication - How To Be Assertive, Rockstar Recruiting, Prescriptive Selling
  • Smart, engaging, unexpectedly humorous courses  

Talent Quest

  • Topic coverage: Leadership, Personal Development, Diversity & Inclusion, Health & Wellbeing, Technology Skills
  • 320+ courses in Premium, ranging from 8 to 18 minutes in duration 
  • Top courses: Promote the Inclusion of the Neurodivergent, Inclusion: Why it matters, LGBTQI+: Inclusion in the Workplace, Disability in the Workplace: Best Practices, Big Data: What You Need to Know

The Expert Academy

  • Topic coverage: Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Sales & Customer Service, Wellbeing, Marketing, Resilience, Communication, Negotiating Skills, Social Media, Entrepreneurship, Remote Working
  • 95+ courses in Premium, some shorter courses but most are over 60-minutes in duration 
  • Top courses: Mastering Sales: How to Hold a High Price, Difficult Conversations: How to Master Them, Become a Coffee Expert: How to Make the Perfect Cup, Resilient Business Leadership, Feedback & Difficult Conversations, Sales: The Psychology of Selling
  • Courses are hosted by global experts in their field

What great new content have our current content providers added to the Content Hub?

  • Coorpacademy continues to add to our library with over 900 new courses, including courses in Spanish, Italian, and Russian. There are two exciting additions:
    - Clue: Murder on Skill Island is a thrilling whodunit that will test your detective skills… but not only! We’ve unleashed its pedagogical potential to explore cognitive biases, enhancing critical thinking, and unraveling the secrets of the mind. Dive into the immersive world of Clue, where learning meets Colonel Mustard!
    - Take a break with Trivial Pursuit, the ultimate Hasbro game that has been livening up evenings throughout the world since the 1980s! This series of courses — which inspires, educates, and entertains — will fuel intellectual curiosity within your team and encourage a culture of continuous learning. Expand your cultural horizons and develop your general knowledge!
  • Packt added over 200 new technology courses in a variety of topics, from DevOps to US Animations.
  • Cegos added 38 new courses, including their MyStory as a Senior Salesperson series.
  • The Expert Academy added seven new series focused on topics such as strategic thinking, writing proposals, and body language.

What is Shannon’s favorite course?

We are in the midst of our annual performance reviews, which always makes me reflect on my strengths and weaknesses and how I can improve. So, this week I listened to the 10-minute audio course by Simon Sez IT, Leveraging Your Strengths. This quick listen offered some great insights on assessing your strengths, including a practical guide to leveraging your strengths. I loved the idea of doing a SWAT analysis on your strengths and weaknesses when starting a project to better understand where you can grow and where you may need assistance.  

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