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The Go1 Content Insider - February 2022 edition

The Go1 Content Insider is your first stop for all things new in the Go1 Content Hub. In this February update, find out the latest and greatest in the world of content!
Shannon Herrera, Head of Content Curation

What content partners should you check out this month?

There’s no time like the present to deepen your knowledge, skills, and commitment in two very important areas: Cyber Security and Diversity & Culture. This month we’re spotlighting three providers with excellent content offerings in these areas. We’ve also published two new playlists of courses designed to spark your curiosity and accelerate your growth.

For clear and compelling courses around data compliance, privacy, and GDPR, Inspired eLearning is a fantastic choice. This award-winning US-based provider has 60+ courses in the Content Hub, half of which are 15 minutes or shorter.  Their video-based courses have interactive knowledge checks throughout, are available in multiple languages, and appeal to both novice and more experienced learners. 

Check out some of the most popular titles from Inspired eLearning

  • Security Awareness – A Day in the Life  
  • GDPR Introduction and Overview 
  • Phishing 
  • “Internet of Things” & Home Security 
  • Ethics & Code of Conduct 
  • Active Shooter 

Bob’s Business is a great provider of animated courses on a variety of data security topics. Based in the UK, they offer over 100 courses, almost all of which range from 15-30 minutes. Courses are available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Portuguese. Bob’s Business is a good fit for learners who may find cyber security topics a bit daunting or boring. Their whimsical animation and interactive elements engage even the most reluctant learners. 

Popular titles include:  

  • Cyber Security Awareness 
  • Phishing Fears 
  • Information Security and Data Protection 
  • Email Etiquette 
  • Anti-Bribery 
  • Perfect Passwords 

US-based WILL Interactive is an award-winning provider in the diversity and culture space.  Their courses feature high quality video production and branching scenarios that change depending on the learner’s responses to questions throughout. WILL Interactive has 18 courses in the Content Hub, 12 of which are longer than one hour. They are among the most engaging and popular courses, with positive feedback from learners and administrators alike. 

Top courses include: 

  • Unconscious Bias 
  • Emotional Life Skills @ Work 
  • Building a Resilient Remote Team 
  • Common Ground: Sexual Harassment and Abusive Conduct Prevention 

What new content partners have we added to the Content Hub?

Vector Solutions 

  • This US-based provider offers high-quality courses in architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing, along with some general business and leadership courses. 
  • Their courses feature videos and interactive elements and are available in 43 languages. (That’s right – 43 different languages!) 
  • Courses range from 10 to 300 minutes, with the majority of them being over 30 minutes. 
  • Among the 350+ new courses from Vector Solutions are Symbols, Standards, and Schematics; Transporting Hazardous Materials; Use of Steel in Design & Construction; Essentials of Six Sigma; and Work Life Balance

Atheneum Collective 

  • This female-owned US-based provider expands topics coverage in several new areas, including digital media, marketing, and cannabis. 
  • They offer 9 courses, the shortest of which is 1 hour with the longest being 3 hours. 
  • Among the offerings from Atheneum Collective are Fundamentals of Media Planning; Winning More Business for Media Sellers; Digital Production: Process to Profitability; Cannabis Marketing Master Course; and Cultivating Happiness.  

What great new content have our current content partners added to the Content Hub?

Culture and Wellbeing 

  • iAM Learning – 8 new personal development courses between 10 and 15 minutes, including titles such as Bring your Whole Self to Work (Authenticity); Recognising Privilege; Taking Responsibility; and Turn off Work Thoughts during Free Time! (UK based) 

IT and Business 

  • Stone River eLearning – 86 new courses, including Python Fundamentals; Effective Bookkeeping and Payroll; Lean Process And Six Sigma; Middle Manager; Telework and Telecommuting; and Top 10 Sales Secrets (US-based) 

What’s Shannon’s favorite course right now? 

As I was looking at the newly added courses, I was intrigued by iAM Learning’s personal development courses, so I took the Bring Your Whole Self to Work course. I love the conversations currently going on in the learning and development space about how we can better support employees and managers by encouraging more open and honest conversations that go beyond who people are at work and their performance. This course offered some great guidance on how to be authentic at work, as well as how to help others be. In my career, the people who have made the biggest impact on my work and personal life have been those who supported me in all aspects of my life and allowed me to be me. I’d encourage this course for anyone needing a little reminder about how we are more than just our job titles.

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