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The Go1 Content Insider - August 2023 edition

In the August edition of the Go1 Content Insider, we feature content providers and courses to help you meet your regulatory needs.
Shannon Herrera, Head of Content Curation

Have you already created your compliance learning program to ensure your employees have taken all required courses by the end of the year? If not, there's still time! Below, we feature content providers and courses to help you meet your regulatory needs.  

What content providers should you check out this month?

Will Interactive

  • Topic coverage: Sexual Harassment, Resilience, Diversity and Inclusion, Emotional Skills, Cross-Cultural Differences, Healthcare, Active Threat Response, Remote Working
  • 15+ courses in Premium ranging from 30 to 132 minutes in duration
  • Compliance courses available in EN & ES (select ES within the course)
  • Engaging content with interactive scenario videos
  • Top courses: Common Ground: Sexual Harassment and Abusive Conduct Prevention, Unconscious Bias, Emotional Life Skills @ Work
  • Coming soon: new diversity and inclusion content!

Access Group (Compliance & Social Corporate Responsibility Library)

  • Topic coverage: Diversity & Inclusion, Financial Compliance, IT & Data Compliance, Sustainability, HR Compliance, Fraud, Competition Law
  • 45+ courses in Premium ranging from 5 to 80 minutes in duration 
  • Modern courses with videos and animation
  • Top courses: Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, Neurodiversity Awareness, Workplace Bullying, Budgeting Basics, Competition Law 


  • Topic Coverage: HR Compliance, Health and Safety, Ergonomics, Hospitality, Customer Service, Leadership, and Health and Wellbeing
  • 73 courses in Premium, mostly 15-25 minutes, with a longer, comprehensive Compliance Suite
  • Interactive microlearning courses with beautiful visuals and activities to engage learners
  • Top courses: Cyber Security, Anti-Money Laundering, EEO, and Bullying & Harassment

What new content providers have been added to the Content Hub?


Hemsley Fraser

  • Topic coverage: Leadership & Management, Personal Development, Diversity & Inclusion, Hybrid Teams, Problem Solving, Creativity, Innovation, Communication Skills, Managing Change, Influencing Skills, Finance, Performance Management
  • 135+ courses in Premium, ranging from 5 to 215 minutes
  • Courses come in a variety of formats, including podcasts, interactive books, quizzes, infographics, and videos
  • Exciting new courses: Building a positive culture, Employee engagement, and Innovation and creativity


  • Topic coverage: Sexual Harassment, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI), Belonging, Trust, Social Justice, Equal Employment, Unconscious Bias, HR Compliance, Health and Safety, People and Communication Skills
  • 110+ courses in Premium ranging from 2 to 120 minutes in duration
  • Emtrain courses are available in 35+ languages (machine translated), and voice narration is provided for 20 languages
  • Engaging compliance content serving all 50 states as well as global options
  • Exciting new courses: Preventing Workplace Harassment, Unconscious Bias, Diversity and Inclusion, Global Data Privacy, Equal Employment Opportunity

What great new content have our current content providers added to the Content Hub?

  • Packt added another 200 new technology courses (they added over 200 last month too!) as they continue to update their library with the latest technology content.
  • IsEazy added 165 soft skill courses in English and Spanish, including productivity, creativity, and negotiations.
  • Coorpacademy expanded its library with 57 courses in English, plus content in French, German, Spanish, and Italian.

What is Shannon’s Favorite Course?

I love exploring new content providers. This month, I took a few courses from Emtrain. Emtrain offers high-quality compliance and professional development content. Their courses are interactive and often include videos, as well as tip sheets to help you transfer the learning to your on-the-job experiences. I loved their Bringing A Different Perspective course, which showed examples of the right and wrong way to approach hearing different perspectives and provided concrete reasons why it’s important to hear those perspectives and steps to ensure you are doing it. 

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