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The Go1 Content Insider - April 2022 edition

In April, we’re focusing on compassion – compassion for the planet, compassion for ourselves, and compassion for those whose brains work a little differently. In this update, check out how some of our content partners are getting involved with increasing compassion in the workplace.
Shannon Herrera, Head of Content Curation

In April we’re taking some time to focus on compassion – compassion for the planet, compassion for ourselves, and compassion for those whose brains work a little differently. Our April playlists “Take the Long View” and “Respect Neural Differences” explore personal and environmental sustainability and neurodiversity awareness. In this issue we’re spotlighting three of the content partners featured on these playlists: Mind Tools, Emerald Works, and Access Group.  

What content partners should you check out this month? 

For current perspectives and insights on a variety of professional and personal development topics, London-based Mind Tools is a great choice.  Founded in 1996, their goal has always been “to help everyone have a happy and successful career.” 

Mind Tools offers over 2000 titles in the Content Hub covering subjects from cultural competency, to OKRs, to dealing with rumors in the workplace. Their courses are fact-checked articles, podcasts, and videos ranging from 1 minute to over an hour (with most titles under 15 minutes).  

Popular titles include: 

  • How Emotionally Intelligent Are You? 
  • Managing Your Boundaries 
  • 10 Recruitment Mistakes 
  • Stakeholder Analysis 
  • Sales Skills for Non-Salespeople 

Emerald Works, which is owned by the same parent company as Mind Tools, is a top partner for high-quality courses on leadership and soft skills.  The 38 courses in their “101” series offer a highly engaging and complete learner experience. (Many of the 101 courses open with a whimsical poem to pique learners’ curiosity and make them smile.) Based in the UK, Emerald Works has 98 titles in the Content Hub, ranging from 3 to 60 minutes. Most of the 101 courses are an hour long. 

Check out these great courses: 

  • Difficult Conversations 101 
  • Decision Making 101 
  • Five Customer Service Parables 
  • Setting Up Your Desk For Work 
  • Fixed vs Growth Mindset 

Also based in the UK, The Access Group is committed to “delivering the learning your employees need to drive their development.”  They offer 119 titles in the Content Hub, featuring a modern design and focusing on leadership, health & safety, and sales & customer service.  In addition to titles under their own name, The Access Group has recently acquired several other top content partners, including MicroLearn (who are part of this month’s playlists). 

Top courses from this content partner include: 

First Aid in the Workplace (Employees) 

  • Customer Service Essentials 
  • Teamwork 
  • Computer Security in the Workplace 
  • Asbestos Awareness 

What new social good partners have we been working with?

We’re excited to be supporting the Equality Institute to develop five new modules as part of their Gender Quality Foundations program. Created in collaboration with diverse leaders across America and Australia, the content will feature interviews with thought leaders on race, sex, disability, and domestic abuse. We’ve just wrapped filming across our various locations and are excited to announce a delivery date of June 2022. This content will be exclusive to Go1 Connect and Content Hub. 

We’re currently asking for partners and customers to give feedback and be the first to experience these modules in May 2022. 

As we prepare for May, Domestic Violence Prevention Month, we’re glad to see a spike in demand for effective training for workplaces to be able to recognize, respond and refer when it comes to sexism, misogyny, domestic abuse, and coercive control at work.  

We’re proud of our partners, Challenge DV, who’ve recently trained more than 80,000 employees in the Queensland Government in responding to domestic abuse. A previous participant in the Go1 Social Good Incubator Program, their award-winning training is seeing the highest engagement rate for any training we’ve ever released. 

This training is accessible to all Go1 customers and partners. It requires an organization to complete a short audit by Challenge DV before it can be released, which we’re happy to facilitate. Please reach out to your CSM and they will put you in contact with our impact team. 

Go1 and Challenge DV have committed to developing training on sexual harassment and male champions of change, that has a scheduled release date of September 2022 for Go1’s Content Hub for all subscribers. 

Together, we can stop domestic abuse and make the work a place where all genders can thrive. 

What new content partners have we added to the Content Hub?

Welcome some exciting new partners! 


  • This new content partner, based in Spain, provides instruction on how to learn new languages, including French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish. 
  • They offer 72 courses, ranging from beginner to advanced. 
  • Learnlight courses include placement tests to ensure proficiency. 


  • This German-based partner expands topic coverage in management and soft skills. 
  • They offer 215 courses, ranging from 15-180 minutes. 
  • Among the offerings from Pinktum are Design Thinking, Agile Mindset, Basics of Negotiations, and Feedback between Colleagues. 

What great new content have our current content partners added to the Content Hub?

Check out some new offerings from current content partners! 

Business Essentials 

  • Upskillist – New courses on How to Start a Business, Video Editing, Economics, and more. 
  • Cultivate Advisors – A new series on recruiting and hiring.  
  • Mindscaling – 9 full-length courses for strategic leaders on topics including Doing the Right Thing Right, Raising Resiliency, Workplace Civility, and The Art of Leadership Presence
  • iAM Learning – 30+ courses on soft skills and leadership, including What is Agile Leadership, Empathy in the Workplace, and Speaking Up for Yourself
  • AssembleYou – 20+ new courses and podcasts on project management, Intrapreneurship (including What is Intrapreneurship?), and self-reflection. 

IT Skills 

  • Packt – Over 120+ new courses on a variety of topics, such as Strata, Git Essentials, YAML, and Docker. 

What’s Shannon’s favorite course right now? 

In my own professional development, I have been focusing on leadership and, more specifically, how I can be a human-centered leader.  I’ve taken courses on leadership styles, servant leadership, and most recently Empathetic Leadership by Atheneum Collective, one of our newer partners. As a content partner, I love Atheneum’s approach to learning, providing in-depth courses with videos and resources (check out their Cultivating Happiness course), and this course was no different. I particularly liked the lesson on empowerment. It gave me some great tips on how to engage with employees to best empower them to learn and grow in their jobs. If you are looking at ways to lead your employees with empathy and help them succeed, this course is worth checking out.

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