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The Go1 Content Insider - January 2023 edition

What content partners should you check out this month? This edition highlights our 12 Months of Learning campaign to help learners keep upskilling at the top of their mind.
Shannon Herrera, Head of Content Curation

Welcome to 2023! To get the new year started, we have launched a new 12 Months of Learning campaign, featuring new playlists, while keeping (and updating) a few standout topics from last year.  If you aren’t sure how to keep your learners engaged, check out these playlists for ideas on courses and topics you can use to help your learners keep their upskilling top of mind all year round.

What content partners should you check out this month?

iAM Learning

  • Topic coverage: Health & Safety; Compliance; Mental Health; Soft Skills; Cyber Security
  • 250+ courses, the majority of which are 15 minutes of less in duration; some titles are documents with recommended follow-up resources.
  • Playlists are available within the Go1 Content Hub
  • Courses are CPD accredited or IOSH approved
  • Top Courses: Remote Working 101, The GDPR Guru, Warning Signs


  • Topic Coverage: Harassment, Sexual Harassment
  • 19 courses, ranging from 30 to 120 minutes
  • Courses are divided into real-life and relatable micro video sessions which are educational and entertaining
  • Languages: US-English, courses available with Spanish narration
  • Top Courses: Sexual Harassment and Abusive Conduct Prevention for Non-Supervisors and Supervisors (coverage for all 50 states available)

Seven Dimensions

  • Topic Coverage: Leadership, Management, Personal Development, Soft Skills
  • 1000+ courses, with a variety of durations
  • Interview style videos with experts in their fields
  • Plus, the Cutting Edge series, using scenarios to help learners connect their learning to real-life situations
  • Top courses: Appreciate Diversity and Inclusion, Accepting Change, Pick Me Up 

What new content partners have we added to the Content Hub?


  • Based in the UK, MindGym uses behavioral science to create content that equips companies to deliver business results. 
  • Topic coverage: General Management; Business Skills; Soft Skills; Personal Development; Collaboration; Managing Stress; Networking; Managing Change; Influencing Skills; Coaching; Goal Setting; Motivation
  • 80+ new courses in the Content Hub
  • Offers a consistent UX with a modern look and feel, all under 15 minutes.

    A few course recommendations:
  • Play to Strength
  • Scruples
  • First 100 Days

What great new content have our current content partners added to the Content Hub?


  • Upskillist has added 139 new courses to the Content Hub. This collection of courses, each of which is 30 minutes in duration, ranges from hot topics in technology to how-to programming. Some example titles include E-commerce; Introduction to Prototyping; All about AI; The Evolution of Cryptocurrencies; Python Basics; and Advanced CSS.
  • Packt continues to grow their offering, adding 29 new in-depth courses to the Content Hub. With durations ranging from 4990 minutes (that’s three and a half days!) to 85 minutes, these courses provide up-to-date learning experiences with titles such as 101 UX Principles; CompTIA Security+ Certification SY0-601: The Total Course; Cyber Warfare – Truth, Tactics, and Strategies; and Job-Ready SQL in an Afternoon.

Health & Safety

  • Marcom contributes a new series of six Safe Lifting courses tailored to different industries. The courses, each 30 minutes in duration, cover safe lifting in the following environments: Transportation and Warehouse; Office; Industrial; and Food Processing and Handling. They also cover the Healthcare environments for Medical Personnel, and Office and Maintenance Personnel. 

What is Shannon’s Favorite Course?

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to take courses in our library on topics that I’m not familiar with.  This week I took a course of becoming a physiognomist.  Not sure what that is?  I wasn’t either! This three-part course by Coorpacademy provides guidance on how to better remember people’s names and faces.  This course provides the science behind memorizing faces and name and actionable ways to increase your ability to do so. Definitely worth checking out.

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