The future of skills and learning technology

How can L&D choose the right digital learning solutions? Catch up on Episode 9 of the Learning with Go1 podcast as David Perring, Fosway's Director of Research, discusses the future of learning tech and the benefits of content aggregation.
Mikaela Gladden, Content Writer

Only 1% of L&D believe learning will go back to what it was before the pandemic.

In light of this, Fosway's David Perring recently joined Go1's Ollie Browning to discuss how L&D can choose the right digital learning solutions and get more involved in directing the talent development of their organisation, as well as measuring learning success with increased data points.

Check out some of our favourite highlights below.

"The impact digital learning that we've had over the last year is here to stay." - David Perring, Fosway

The L&D skills needed to drive organisational performance 

As with many other departments within an organisation, L&D can fall victim to the mundane, operational activities that (arguably) don't actually drive the business forward. 

So what are the skills L&D need to drive the business? How can L&D get more involved in the skills discussion, not only from the point of view of understanding what skills they currently have, but also what it will look like to take people on that journey from knowing to doing?

What’s increasingly becoming important is the notion of creating continuity into business practice. David breaks this down below. 

L&D teams don’t necessarily need to reinvent the wheel to accelerate themselves; it’s more about developing a mindset to think more creatively about better solutioning. 

Measuring the success of L&D 

When it comes to measuring the success of L&D, organisations must align their learning strategies with business strategies and make sure that their L&D programs are helping to fulfil crucial needs. 

Over the past 12 months, the accelerated transformation of learning and the increased uptake of technology has meant that the measures of success are the most transparent they’ve ever been. 

"Always start with your business stakeholders, understand their priorities, understand what targets they have and what you can offer in terms of helping solve some of those problems in terms of actually how you do that." - David Perring, Fosway

When is using a learning content aggregator the best choice?

Content aggregation is a highly valuable tool that when used effectively, can benefit L&D teams in many different ways. It gives learners a variety of sources to engage with and helps them make their choices around the things that match their modality, whatever the organisation's budget may be.  

As we continue to move forward into this new era of L&D, transitioning between aggregated content and practice is something L&D teams should think about on a deeper level. Hear Ollie and David speak more on this below.

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