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The EC Premium Content Insider – September 2023 edition

In the September edition of the EC Premium Content Insider, you can enhance your IT skills with our featured playlist and read more about our new partnership with the Anangu Lands Education team.
Emma Benns, Content Manager

Watch sneak peeks of courses by some of our amazing content partners, including Seven Steps to Writing Success, The Inclusive School and Teacher Wellbeing. Enhance your IT skills with our featured playlist and read more about our new partnership with the Anangu Lands Education team. Explore all that and more in this month's edition of the EC Premium Content Insider.

Meet some of our fabulous Content Partners!

Seven Steps to Writing Success

Help your students master the art of narrative, persuasive, and informative writing with these comprehensive courses designed for primary and early secondary educators. These courses break down the writing process into manageable skills, from brainstorming to crafting captivating conclusions. Led by Jen McVeity, OAM, Founder and CEO of Seven Steps to Writing Success and a prolific author, the courses delve into each step’s core concepts through concise theory videos. You’ll then apply these techniques in your classroom with downloadable resources.

The Inclusive School

The Inclusive School’s course, Inclusion Matters, is a beacon for equitable education. It empowers educators and families by delivering practical tools for creating inclusive learning environments. Led by experienced educators, this transformative program covers diverse topics from embracing inclusivity to collaborating with families, offering hands-on strategies, and real-life cases. For teachers, administrators, parents, and community members, it’s an opportunity to inspire and foster welcoming spaces for all learners.

Teacher Wellbeing

Daniela Falecki, an experienced teacher across primary, secondary, and tertiary education, presents Five Foundations to Boost Educator Wellbeing. By recognising the unique stressors of teaching and their impact on teaching quality and student outcomes, Daniela is dedicated to supporting educators who tirelessly juggle diverse needs and life’s demands. Prioritise your wellbeing as an educator and understand that student wellbeing starts with you.

Which great content partners are coming soon to EC Premium?

Conexiones is a global leader in K-12 educator professional development, combining education with compassion, expertise and innovation. With a dynamic team comprising over a century of combined experience, Conexiones pioneers state-of-the-art training and ground-breaking research to elevate education worldwide. Their impactful collaborations include UNESCO’s Teacher Training Initiative, OECD, AERA, and more, spanning 40+ countries. You can expect interactive, engaging courses diving into how the brain works and providing accessible resources to understand your students’ neural pathways and improve your teaching practice.

This month’s Featured Playlist

Our Featured Playlists are included in all schools’ Learning Hubs and are a great way to see a variety of high-quality content from different providers, all with just one click!

Recommended by ICT Professionals delivers a spectrum of essential subjects for educators seeking IT expertise. Explore courses and download resources on cybersecurity, virtualisation, cloud security, powerBI, SQL, Windows Server, Azure fundamentals, disaster recovery, InTune, SCCM mastery, networking essentials and more! Elevate your IT proficiency and equip yourself for the challenges of the digital age.

Partnership spotlight

Pitjantjatjara country is mostly in the far north-west of South Australia, extending across the border into the Northern Territory to just south of Lake Amadeus, and west a short distance into Western Australia. The Anangu Schools represent ten schools across the state in the most remote areas.

Our team has diligently collaborated with the Local Education team to ensure they have access to tailored content that caters to the unique needs of their staff spread across these vast and remote lands. By offering high-quality educational resources, we aim to empower educators and school support staff in areas where professional development opportunities are traditionally limited due to geographical remoteness.

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