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The EC Premium Content Insider – March 2023 edition

This month, get ready for a stellar line-up of renowned educators and authors that are set to bring their expertise to our professional development courses.
Emma Benns, Content Manager

Unlock your teaching potential with this month’s drop of professional learning courses. Join Kath Murdoch in discovering the power of inquiry-based learning, Jen McVeity in the Seven Steps to Writing Success approach to persuasive writing, and Katie Novak in Universal Design for Learning.

With downloadable resources, theory videos and a variety of engaging materials, our courses provide a comprehensive understanding of these essential teaching practices.

Learn how to create a whole-school initiative that fosters authentic learning, problem-solving, and essential transferable skills with inquiry-based learning. Transform your students into confident persuasive writers with the Seven Steps approach and create a more inclusive learning environment with Universal Design for Learning.

Which awesome content partners have we added to the platform?

Discover the power of inquiry-based learning with distinguished educator and author, Kath Murdoch. With over 30 years of experience in teaching, researching and publishing, Kath has become a leading authority in the field. The Power of Inquiry, based on Kath’s book, is designed for K-8 teachers who want to ignite a passion for learning in their students by implementing inquiry-based practices. Educators will learn how to create a whole-school initiative that fosters authentic learning, real-world problem-solving, and essential transferrable skills such as critical thinking, planning, self-management, organisation and communication.

Transform your students into confident and persuasive writers with our innovative course by Seven Steps to Writing Success. Led by Jen McVeity, founder of Seven Steps and author of over 20 books, this comprehensive program is based on the proven Seven Steps approach to writing. You’ll discover how to break down writing into individual skills, from brainstorming initial ideas to creating powerful conclusions. Engage your students with sizzling starts, tightening tension, dynamic dialogue and descriptive language, banish boring writing and make your students’ work stand out with these persuasive writing techniques.

Are you ready to transform your teaching approach and create a more inclusive learning environment? UDL Now! Introduction to Universal Design for Learning is our new course by internationally renowned education consultant, Katie Novak, Ed.D. With over a decade of experience and 12 books to her name, Katie is an expert in Universal Design for Learning (UDL), universally designed leadership, and inclusive practices. This course will give you an introductory understanding of UDL, from the ‘why’ to the ‘what’ and the ‘how’. Discover how to increase options for representation and engagement and create accessible and equitable learning environments both in the classroom and online.

Which great content partners are coming soon to EC Premium?

With over 40 years of experience as a teacher, administrator and researcher, Dr. Thomas Guskey’s work is dedicated to helping educators use quality educational research to improve student learning outcomes. Dr. Guskey, will soon release a 4-part series of courses on Grading, Assessment, Professional Development and Mastery Learning. Dive deep into these topics and learn how to utilise Dr. Guskey’s rich resources to enhance your assessment and reporting strategies.

SharingStories is a non-profit organisation dedicated to preserving the rich cultural heritage of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities using digital technologies and vibrant artistic forms. Their upcoming courses offer a unique opportunity to learn about the diverse cultures of Indigenous Australians, and to gain insights into the importance of preserving traditional languages and stories for future generations.

Adrienne Hornby, a health and wellbeing consultant for schools, will release an exciting course that will help school leaders and their staff build a culture that is proactive, not reactive, towards staff wellbeing. In this course, Adrienne addresses teacher burnout, improving school outcomes and performance, and creating a positive school environment.

A snippet from an EC Premium course

Check out a short preview of the course by Balanced Choice, who offer programs for young people to develop their social, emotional, psychological and physical wellbeing. The courses show educators and support staff how to engage, regulate emotions and uplift students in the classroom by teaching them how their choices shape their identity.

This month’s Featured Playlist

Our Featured Playlists are included in all schools’ Learning Hubs and are a great way to see a variety of high-quality content from different providers, all with just one click!

Creating an inclusive school culture and classrooms that prioritise inclusion is critical. Our Inclusive School playlist offers a wide range of resources to support all school staff. Whether you’re a teacher seeking general or subject-specific strategies, a school leader striving to instil inclusive practices into your school’s culture, or another school staff member seeing to enhance awareness and comprehension of inclusion, we’ve got you covered.

And this is just a sample of what our library has to offer. If you’re hungry for more, we recommend using the search bar to explore additional courses provided by these amazing content creators!

EC Course Spotlight

Special Education

EC by Go1 is thrilled to announce that we are expanding into the United States, with our Senior Education Success Manager, Katy, leading the charge. Katy is currently building an awesome new course that will be rolled out nationwide.

I’m so excited to be designing a course that’s about a topic near and dear to my heart: Special Education. This course will cover a range of topics related to special education in the United States. It provides and overview of the legal requirements and procedures for identifying and serving students with disabilities, including the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) and the Individual Education Plan (IEP) process. It also covers best practices for writing IEPs and conducting IEP meetings, as well as briefly touching on strategies for providing effective instructional supports and accommodations, such as co-teaching and Universal Design for Learning (UDL). Additionally, the course explores some of the most common disabilities that qualify students for special education services.

Team Member Spotlight

As our Senior Education Success Manager, Katy works to ensure that our EC Premium platform is a highly effective professional learning tool for our schools and partners in the US! Katy brings a rich career in K-12 education; following five years at Teach for America as a teacher and then a leader, Katy went on to lead as an instructional coach and school improvement specialist in Hawaii, and then an education program specialist in Arizona. She holds a Master of Education for Arizona State University.

Fun fact about Katy:

Katy lives in the second sunniest city in the world (Phoenix).


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