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The EC Premium Content Insider – June 2023 edition

In this month's EC Premium Content Insider, we'll take you through some awesome new content partners (and some that are coming soon) and shine a spotlight on Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School.
Emma Benns, Content Manager

Which awesome content partners have we added to the platform? 

The University of Sydney’s Centre for Educational Measurement and Assessment, under the esteemed leadership of Professor Jim Tognolini, presents two insightful courses. First, we embark on a journey to empower teachers through the meaningful use of data and evidence, addressing the need for data-literate educators to drive student success. Professor Tognolini expertly guides us in collecting relevant data and transforming it into actionable evidence to enhance teachers’ professional judgement. Next, the course on Modern Assessment Theory and Assessment Strategies for Higher Order Thinking unveils powerful techniques for crafting assessments that stimulate higher-order thinking and yield remarkable student outcomes. Excitingly, there’s more to come, so stay tuned for another round of enriching courses in the pipeline!

Melissa Sadin, the founder of Ducks and Lions: Trauma Sensitive Resources, presents an engaging webinar titled The Building Blocks of Happiness. This captivating session is designed for K-12 teachers, aiming to explore the profound connection between happiness, resilience, and overall wellbeing. Delve into your current state of happiness, considering how life events can impact your health. Gain insights into the impact of trauma and adverse childhood experiences on the wellbeing of students. Define resilience and be equipped with practical strategies to cultivate resilience and foster happiness in your classroom.

Student Volunteer Army (SVA) is an esteemed charitable organisation at the forefront of empowering young individuals to embrace volunteerism as a driving force for positive change. We are thrilled to offer the SVA Skills Builder, a program designed to equip students with the essential skills to plan and execute volunteer activities effectively. The Skills Builder program serves as a catalyst, encouraging students to explore local and global issues, fostering a sense of community and nurturing empathy among our youth. Beyond academic pursuits, this program hones vital soft skills which enable students to flourish in the real world, preparing them for life beyond the classroom. Join us in this transformative course, where you will discover how to utilise the Skills Builder Program to orchestrate impactful volunteering experiences for your students, inspiring them to make a lasting difference.

Which great content partners are coming soon to EC Premium?

Lyn Stone is the founder and creator of Lifelong Literacy. She uses research, evidence, and linguistics to produce programs, methods, and texts for students, teachers, and educators worldwide. With a strong focus on the Science of Reading, her courses look at the definition and underlying processes involved in literacy development. You will explore a treasure trove of practical tools to boost students’ reading and writing skills in your classroom.

Kirstin Bourne is a bespoke educational consultancy, and Kirstin is a dynamic education professional driving positive change. With a keen understanding of school challenges, Kirstin goes beyond exam results, focussing on curriculum, teaching methods, and data-driven practices. Her experience ranges from sector-wide program implementation to personalised support for subject area managers. Kirstin will release two courses covering whole-school literacy and new approaches to English teaching in secondary schools. 

She Maps is committed to fostering diversity and providing invaluable support in the field of STEM. They achieve this mission by delivering comprehensive drone and geospatial programs to schools and educators worldwide. Designed for both primary and secondary students, She Maps programs equip teachers with fundamental skills, laying the foundations to explore advanced units of work in flying drones in schools. Coming soon, there will be a program to transform STEM education and help teachers embrace the limitless possibilities of drone technology.

A snippet from an EC Premium course

Check out a short preview of some courses by Imperial First Aid. With a team of highly skilled paramedics equipped with real-life experience, Imperial First Aid has crafted a series of videos to empower you with invaluable skills that can make a life-saving difference on the playground and positively impact the wellbeing of your students and their families.

This month’s Featured Playlist

Our Featured Playlists are included in all schools’ Learning Hubs and are a great way to see a variety of high-quality content from different providers, all with just one click!

Ignite a vibrant and empowering culture in your school that sparks inspiration with our featured playlist, Transforming School Culture. Dive into this dynamic playlist, brimming with practical advice and captivating case studies aimed at elevating your school’s culture. Explore an array of engaging topics, from nurturing a positive organisational culture to implementing transformative strategies and unleashing the power of effective Tier 2 PBIS (Positive Behavioural Interventions and Supports) techniques. Unlock the secrets of fostering collective leader efficacy and witness the incredible transformation of your school into a warm, supportive, and inclusive community.

Team member spotlight

As Chief Executive Officer, Dave leads our global team and works with our largest partners to ensure your school or organisation has a great professional learning experience with EC.

Dave has worked in K-12 Education for more than two decades as a teacher, principal, system leader, and thought leader. Dave is the co-founder of EC, co-author of Dream Team (ASCD and published in multiple languages) and Edupreneur (Wiley), speaks on the world’s largest education stages (BETT, ASCD, EduTech), and has led PL programs for state and national governments and organisations across the globe.

Fun fact about Dave: he spent years teaching in some of Australia’s most remote First Nations communities.

Photo of Dave

School spotlight

Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School is located in Darwin, Northern Territory. It employs 95 staff and welcomes students from Early Learning to Year 6. As one of the newest schools in the Northern Territory Catholic Diocese, Mother Teresa Catholic Primary School consists of a culturally rich and diverse cohort of students and families from across the world. They believe that together they can ‘Do small things with great love’ to ensure the education, development, and formation of their students is top notch.

The staff at Mother Teresa actively utilise EC Premium Learning Hub to access a range of professional development courses, aiming to promote excellence in education and instil a lifelong passion for learning. In Semester 1 of 2023, staff enrolled in more than 110 courses on EC Premium. Notably, the bespoke Teacher Induction course, designed in collaboration with their Education Success Manager, received the highest number of completions, supporting all staff members in a successful start to the school year.

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