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The EC Premium Content Insider - October 2022 edition

In October we have taken a look at future-focused pedagogies, with content partners delivering strategies for teachers to implement across a range of subject areas, and even across the world!
Emma Benns, Content Manager

In October we have taken a look at future-focused pedagogies, with content partners delivering strategies for teachers to implement across a range of subject areas, and even across the world!

“Future-focused learning is empowering students to take ownership of their learning by providing an environment which is flexible, innovative and challenging and which will foster students who are capable of making formative decisions based on accessing the facts.” – NSW Department of Education

From project-based learning to transforming learning environments, to forward-thinking mathematical approaches. The courses we bring to you this month are going to empower your students and shed light on how each classroom can empower students to gain the skills needed for our fast-paced, ever-changing world.

Which awesome content partners have we added to the platform?

Think Learning Studio began as a travelling high school (the only one of its kind in the world!) and implemented a rigorous project-based learning program in many countries. Now, they collaborate with school leaders and educators around the world to design dynamic real-world project-based learning models. Watch interviews with educators and students throughout their course to gain insight into what project-based learning is, and how to implement the structure within your own classroom.

The Learning Future is a strategy and professional learning organisation that supports schools, educators and organisations to thrive in our constantly changing world. Throughout his videos and podcasts, Louka Parry, the CEO and Founder of The Learning Future seeks to transform learning environments, systems and structures to better empower teachers and students to develop the skills that matter most for their learning future.

Maths Pathway envisions a world where every student experiences growth and success in maths. They make individualised learning practical by using tools that put administration in the background and bring teaching to the front, where it belongs. With teacher talks featuring Eddie Woo and Dan Finkel, Maths Pathway bring beautiful and engaging maths to every classroom.

Which great content partners are coming soon to EC Premium?

Sheena and Louise fromThe Literacy Place aim to improve literacy outcomes for students by providing teachers with quality training and resources. In their first course, you’ll find an abundance of practical strategies for guided reading with young learners.

Used by over 250 schools, the coaching program from At My Best opens a positive conversation between staff members and transforms feedback into development actions that have the best impact on student learning, and the school as a whole. At My Best includes effective reflection templates and practical strategies to implement with staff using a simple coaching framework.

Lisa Burman is an experienced teacher, school leader and pedagogical consultant. She supports educators and prior-to-school and primary school leaders to develop site-wide plans for pedagogical change. In her micro courses you will get equipped with knowledge and techniques to enhance student engagement, nurture and empowerment.

School Spotlight

Yeronga State High School

Yeronga State High School is located in Brisbane, Queensland. Employing 80 staff and enrolling 775 students, many of which were born overseas, Yeronga provides an international educational experience by offering high specialised English language and literacy immersion. Across the school, all teachers actively access their EC Premium Learning Hub to enter a wide range of courses for their professional development, with a particular focus on leadership, global competence and wellbeing.

Staff are accessing courses that have been assigned to them by their administrator via the Groups functionality, as well as by individually searching for the content that specific to their own needs. In the short time that they have had access to our Learning Hub, a total of 33 courses have been completed by staff. Very impressive!

Team Member Spotlight

As a learning designer Dani works with you to design and deliver your professional learning programs, with a particular focus on quality teaching practice. Dani brings a decade of school teacher and leadership experience to the EC team, with a particular depth in the public sector. She has been a program consultant on learning projects for clients including the Academy (VIC), Professional Learning Institute (TAS) and with schools across NSW.


Fun fact about Dani: She has listened to the song ‘You Can Call Me Al’ at least once a day for the last 18 months.

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