How technology trends are influencing eLearning

Kerrie-Anne Chinn, Content & Editorial Manager

The impact of technology on everyday life is clear, influencing the way we communicate, work, socialise and unwind. With the ongoing rise of social media, dating apps, and entertainment sites such as NetFlix, technology can be seen to have a grip on every aspect of modern life. And while technology trends certainly impact our day-to-day lives, they also have a significant impact on the way we learn.

Trends in technology are having a huge influence on the eLearning industry, where we’re seeing the effects of gamification, virtual and augmented reality, webinars and live streaming on learners.


Today we’ll take a look at the influence of these tech trends on the learning industry, and their impacts on employee training and development.

Using Gamification for Employee Training

When it comes to eLearning, one of the biggest technology trends of the moment is gamification – the application of gaming design, psychology, principles and mechanics to learning content.

Gamification can be successfully used for a number of employee training needs, such as induction processes, onboarding, compliance, professional development and change management. And it works for staff of all ages, keeping them interested in and engaged with the content. Take a look at some of the exciting ways in which gamification is being used in the workplace.

The Potential of Virtual Reality in the Workplace

Virtual reality is another big player when it comes to tech trends in eLearning.

As augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) become more accessible in everyday life, it makes sense to apply this technology to learning. And in fact, one of the most exciting aspects of virtual reality is its potential for employee training.

When used in the workplace, virtual reality will result in:

  • better training and development
  • easier onboarding processes
  • greater collaboration for teams and remote workers

With virtual reality, employees can take part in simulations that replicate the exact conditions which they would experience in the workplace – rather than learning in the traditional training environment with its textbooks and Powerpoint presentations.

Think about the potential – doctors could practice performing difficult surgeries; factory workers could carry out vital safety drills; corporate employees could overcome their fear of public speaking – with virtual reality, the possibilities are endless. See how VR could change your workplace!

The Influence of Streaming on Learning

Dr. Michael Jurgen Garbade, Founder & CEO LiveEdu.tv, considers streaming to be another key tech trend that is impacting the learning industry.

Streaming is something that has taken the world by storm and education has not been left out of this growing trend,” Gabarde says.

We can see this in the ongoing popularity of social media platforms that use live streaming capabilities. Trainers, teachers and educators are already using these platforms as part of their learning content, to explore key topics and promote engagement with their learners is a live interactive space.

As Gabarde explains, “streams are popular as a result of [the] real-time and interactive atmosphere which they provide. A live stream essentially places you in a classroom environment on the internet. You can watch the instructor carry out their lesson in real-time and then ask questions or interact with your peers during the broadcast.”

Older training methods, and even those relying on video, simply don’t offer the same benefits that are available with streaming.

How are you using these technology trends for learning and development? Are you incorporating gamification, virtual and augmented reality, and live streaming into your content? The influence of technology on the eLearning space is only set to get bigger and better, so get on board!

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