Tech skills helping construction workers to succeed

Kerrie-Anne Chinn, Content & Editorial Manager

When you think of working in the construction industry, you might not consider tech skills to be all that important for the job. Maths and mechanical knowledge, sure – but IT?

However, as with all industries, technology has made its way firmly onto the construction site, with workers now using a number of devices, software, and apps to carry out everyday tasks.

This means that these days, you’ll find that a certain level of tech skills are now considered mandatory, or at least desirable in an employee. That’s right – in today’s competitive job market, it’s not only IT workers who need tech skills.

If you want to start moving your way up in the industry, or are thinking about applying for a more supervisory position, it’s worth investing some time into professional development training.

Here, we’ll look at how you can go about doing that, giving your skill set the boost you need to succeed.

Why are Tech Skills Important in Construction

More jobs than ever before are requiring technical skills from employees. In the construction industry, you may need to demonstrate proficiency in using certain project management software, data tools, or Microsoft Excel, for example.

With the world becoming more immersed in technology, it’s in the best interest of construction workers to become comfortable and familiar with the different kinds of devices that are being used on the job.

It’s also beneficial for companies if employees have the skills they need to work effectively and productively from remote locations, away from the office.

“Being able to problem-solve minor technical issues on your own, rather than having to burden the IT department with simple requests, is a huge plus in my eyes,” says Sara Sutton Fell, Chief Executive and founder of FlexJobs.

“So many companies expect you to be able to work from anywhere … It’s really important to have the ability to troubleshoot technical problems on your work equipment.”

Preparing Construction Workers for the Future

A recent article on Construction Executive looked at the impact of technology on the industry.

“In environments such as a construction job site, automation is expected to enable safer and more enhanced collaboration … But automation and machine learning also will require worker re-training.”

The author believes training technology is key to preparing workers for the future: with “training technology in its tool belt, the construction industry can address its pressing talent shortage and begin developing the next generation of skilled craft professionals needed to achieve safe jobsites, quality projects and increased profitability.”

So how can construction workers who are already working in the industry make sure that they’re upskilling for the future? The answer is in online training.

Online Training for the Construction Industry

With online training, employees can enroll in eLearning courses and modules and start gaining the tech skills they need on the job.

These days, online training is one of the best ways to take charge of your professional development and set a pathway for your career. You’ll find many courses related to tech skills available online – and unlike traditional face-to-face training, online courses allow you to simply log in and go through the training materials at your own pace.

You can even use your smartphone to access training materials. And with mobile devices being used to support training in nearly every industry, it’s important to get up-to-speed on using your mobile for learning purposes.

Go1 – For Professional Development in the Construction Industry

At Go1, we offer you access to lots of resources that can help you meet your professional development training needs.

Take a look through our online courses, workshops, and eLearning training modules to find courses that will help you improve your proficiency in certain software programs, apps, or tech tools.

If you’re ready to get serious about your career in the construction industry, it’s important to make sure you’re continually developing your skill set and learning new skills in response to industry changes.

Take a look at the courses Go1 has to offer and get started.

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