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Learn the Art of Working as a Successful Financial Expert

From 2017 to 2018, online education and training have reached new heights. With an abundance of topics and affordable prices, an increasing number of people have turned to Go1 as their preferred source for e-learning. If you want to work in finance or advance in your current financial role, Go1 has the solution.

Compared to other sources that offer online training courses, Go1 is unique in several ways. You will discover an almost unlimited list of topics on virtually any subject, including finance. You will also find that despite that leading topic or industry experts develop and present the courses, the prices are incredibly affordable.

Why stay stagnant in your role as a financial expert when you can reach a new level of success through online education. Visit the Go1 Premium website, and after a quick registration, you will be on your way to securing the job you want or advancing in finance.

As mentioned, there are countless online training courses developed solely for people interested in working in finance or those who already do. You can bring your dream of success to fruition by focusing on three distinct areas.

1.     Accounting for Stock Transactions

For this area of finance, a course on mutual business ownership as it relates to finance is another excellent choice. In addition to learning methods that ensure accurate accounting, you will develop the skills needed to explore common equity transactions that can impact even a basic accounting equation. The course also touches on things like accounting processes and concepts for preferred and common stocks, dividends, and treasury stocks.

You should also consider “How to Conduct Fundamental Analysis to Pick Profitable Stock,” which is fantastic. An investment analyst and stock market researcher with years of experience and unparalleled expertise designed this course for the finance and banking industry. With this, you will learn how to choose profitable stock without dealing with a lot of confusion.

The goal of this online training course is to help you understand how to use analysis to screen an investing company or industry. Upon completion, you will walk away with newly acquired knowledge of using different fundamental tools to screen profitable stocks. Unlike courses offered by sources other than Go1, this one is easy to follow and apply.

If your interest in finance focuses on making money by trading profitable stocks or learning accurate accounting methods, these are the right courses to take. All you need is a desire to learn.

2.     Financial Leverage

Ron Miolla, a leading expert in financial leverage, offers a remarkable course called “Analyzing Financial Leverage for a Business: How Do Changes in the Operations of a Business Affect Its Earnings Per Share?” With this online training course, you will learn why analyzing a company’s level of financial leverage is so critical.

This course covers the ratio of debt to equity and the capitalization amount of a company. Also included is information pertaining to the concept of the price-to-earnings ratio and the way it relates to the value-per-share of a company. If you want to pursue advancement opportunities with your employer, you should have a good understanding of these subjects.

3.     Return on Investment (ROI)

The third course called “ROI: Calculating Net Present Value” will also help you further your career in finance. Because net present value is the number one preferred method used to calculate ROI in the world of finance, this course offers incredible value.

One part of the course will teach you the proper way to use this calculation to help you determine if you should or should not move forward with a project or investment. The course also explores a unique concept known as the time value of money. Like the other courses mentioned, this one is essential for gaining or honing financial skills.

In addition to the financial courses listed, Go1 has a full library of management topics. Depending on your long-term goal in the field of finance, taking one or more of those would also prove beneficial. After all, you could end up in a position with financial responsibility and a team to manage. For you to succeed in both areas, you need to expand on your qualifications.

Benefits of Completing Finance Courses Online

Especially if you already work in finance, more than likely, you have little time to spare for attending traditional college classes. With online education, you can learn while relaxing at home, and learning at a pace that coordinates with your schedule. For instance, you could take a 30- to 45-minute course after the kids head off to bed or early on a Saturday morning when the house is quiet.

In addition to well-planned and easy-to-follow courses, you will appreciate the convenience of online education through Go1. Instead of feeling pressured to complete a course at a certain time, you have full control of the schedule. Not only does that eliminate stress from the learning process, but it also helps you retain the information better.

Take a Positive Step Forward

Instead of watching other people get promoted within the company or move on to bigger and better things with a different employer, take a step in the right direction by completing these financial courses. You deserve to work in a position that you enjoy. Thanks to online education through Go1, you can do just that. Visit our site today, select the preferred course, and start your journey.

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