Tackling mental health: a conversation on resilience with Dan Hunt and Jason Nightingale

In this webinar, Go1's Cam Cliff was joined by Dan Hunt, founder of The Mental Health Movement, and Jason Nightingale, founder of EABS Training where they discussed the importance of resilience for positive mental health.
Kerrie-Anne Chinn, Content & Editorial Manager

Now, more than ever, it’s important for employers to take an active role in supporting the health and wellbeing of their workers. Helping employees to build resilience can go a long way in creating a more mentally healthy workforce - and in turn, more productive and engaged teams.

In our recent webinar, we invited Dan Hunt, founder of The Mental Health Movement, and Jason Nightingale, founder of EABS Training to join us in a conversation around this important topic. 

Both former professional NRL players, Dan and Jason know a thing or two about resilience - on and off the field. They also share a passion for breaking down the stigma around mental health, and for helping to empower individuals with the skills and resilience they need to better support themselves. 

On the day, throughout the webinar, Dan and Jason was joined by Go1’s Social Impact Manager Cam Cliff to discuss: 

  • their own mental health journeys 
  • how building resilience is a key component of positive mental health
  • maintaining and managing mental health
  • how working remotely can effect mental health
  • how to remain resilient during times of uncertainty 
  • how we can support each other in times of stress
  • and much more.

Watch the replay here:

About the speakers:

Dan Hunt, Founder of Mental Health Movement


During his own career as a professional athlete, Dan struggled with and overcame many adversities. Using the power of personal story and lived experience to break down the stigma preventing people seeking help, Dan’s work with The Mental Health Movement focuses on driving change by altering society’s perception of mental health issues and those struggling with them.

The Mental Health Movement specialises in providing workplace training to organisations wanting to better support their staff and create a culture where it is ok to not be ok, and it is ok to ask for help. Using an evidence-based framework, Dan’s team has trained more than 200,000 people from miners to construction workers and office folks.

Jason Nightingale, Founder of EABS Training


Jason’s work also focuses on helping individuals to build resilience and confidence in themselves. Motivated by people, their stories, their journeys, growth and personal development, Jason is dedicated to making a difference to an athlete’s learning experience.

Jason is passionate about sport and business and the correlation between both. Drawing from experiences from his time as an Elite Athlete, Jason is genuinely interested in helping Elite Athletes find their confidence and self-belief to expand their horizons outside of professional sport. The purpose of EABS is to make a difference in the lives of athletes, to take the overwhelm out of transitioning, and to empower athletes to take the next steps towards a successful business.

We would like to thank both Dan and Jason for joining us on the day for this enlightening, honest and candid discussion.

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