Staying connected in the new landscape of remote work

Go1's Vu Tran and R U OK? CEO Katherine Newton get together to discuss the potential impact of remote work on employee mental health and the importance of staying connected during this challenging time.
Kerrie-Anne Chinn, Content & Editorial Manager

With greater numbers of employees working remotely from home in response to COVID-19, it’s now more important than ever to stay connected. 

With this in mind, we hosted a webinar in collaboration with R U OK? - a non-profit organisation aiming to reduce the number of suicides in Australia, by urging people to reach out to each other and create supportive networks across our communities. 

Watch the recording below:

As R U OK? says, “it is now even more important that we all promote a sense of community, reach out and ask our friends, family and colleagues, “Are you OK?”

In the webinar, Go1’s Social Impact Manager Cam Cliff was joined by Go1 co-founder Vu Tran, and R U OK? CEO Katherine Newton, to discuss:

  • the key challenges facing organisations during this time
  • the potential impact of remote work on employee mental health
  • steps workplaces can take to create open and positive discussions around mental health
  • how to check in with teammates when working remotely
  • some of the signs someone may be struggling during this time
  • and much more

Attendee Jessica Hennessy summarises some key takeaways from the webinar:

1. Anxiety manifests physically first. Even if you're not an overly anxious person, recent events may have brought that anxiety to the surface. Be mindful of physical cues, in yourself and in others and offer an ear where you can to help alleviate that anxiety. Now is not the time to forget that mental health is still important!

2. When speaking with someone, ask them if they're still doing something they love. For example, I love keeping fit and getting a workout in. If someone has stopped doing the things they have always loved doing, this could be a sign that they're struggling. Offer some support.

3. We CAN make a difference as employers. Don't underestimate the roles we play in changing the trajectory of where our employee's lives go. Even if you need to make the hard decision to let someone go, do it in the right way and offer them open lines of communication and support in SOME way.


To help people #stayconnected we've also curated and released these additional free wellbeing resources for businesses.

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