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Paul Booth

Believe it or not, most people have an incredible memory, they just don't know how to use it. Other than repeating something multiple times, most of us have never been taught memory techniques that really tap into the power of the human brain.

By completing Skillsoft’s course on Improving your Memory Skills, you'll learn basic memory principles and learn how to use them to memorize and recall almost anything, including speeches, passwords, faces, and lists.


As someone who is terrible at remembering a person’s name right after I have met them, I thought this would be an ideal course to gain some tips on how I might better remember a potential customers name that I want to work with, I believe it will definitely help.

This course is ideal for anyone and everyone looking to improve their memory and recall and covers some key objectives on improving your memory skills. Taking just over 20 minutes, this course can really save you a lot of time trying to remember some simple things in life.

Recognize the following principles

Repetition - Easy really, repeat something over and over again or just the next day, the following week and then month.

Exaggeration – I liked this one, by exaggerating the story either by making it bigger, smaller or even funny -  it really does help to remember it.

Imagery – If you associate an image you want to remember, it forces you to focus.

Focus – basically no multi-tasking. By concentrating on what you are doing or wanting to remember you will have a better chance to memorizing it.

Recognize basic mnemonic devices

Basically, a brain shortcut to help you remember something.  Quite an old technique, but one that’s still around as it obviously works.

Identify the steps of the memory palace technique

Memorizing lists by using places that you are very familiar with.  Improving your memory skills will show some great examples of using rooms around your house to help you remember things on your “to do” list.

Remember people’s names and faces

Some very simple but fantastic tips to avoid those awkward situations when you forget a person’s name.  After watching this part of the course, I think I will forever remember ‘Bendy Wendy’.

Recognize tips for memorizing text that you’ll later need to recite from memory

From saying it out loud, reading it backwards or making mistakes, the key thing is repetition.  But repetition is time and something we all lack.  This section of the course really helps improve how you remember text you will need to recite later.

Create strong passwords that are easy to remember

After watching this, I don’t think I will need to write down my passwords anymore and I may even be able to produce stronger passwords also.

In conclusion, if you're looking for methods and techniques to improve your memory, as someone with a self-proclaimed terrible memory, I can highly recommend Skillsoft’s Improving Your Memory Skills course as a great course to help any person improve their memory skills.

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