How to stand out from the crowd in an interview

John Sherman

When you consider that the latest studies show that approximately 5 percent of interviewers reach a decision within the first minute about whether to hire a candidate or not and close to 30 percent decide in just five minutes, it is essential that you come up with ways to stand out from the crowd.

All companies, big and small, want to hire the best talent available. “Talent” does not automatically mean experience, although that is important. The one thing that most companies look for on a resume is the type and quality of training an individual has completed. Why? In addition to a candidate having in-depth knowledge and understanding of a specific type of job, training shows drive and initiative.

When someone walks into an interview with a resume that showcases the completion of various online training courses, it means that individual invested personal time, effort, and money to better him or herself and become more efficient. If you plan to seek employment soon, either complete several training courses before going through interviews or create of list of courses you have signed up to take. Then, list them on your resume.

Interviewing Insights

  • Respect – Even to the front desk receptionist who greets you, always show respect. Remember, it is common for interviewers to ask other people who came into contact with a candidate about their impression.
  • Business Attire – Wear the appropriate business attire. Regardless of whether you plan to interview for a janitorial or a director position, men should wear a suit and tie and women a suit jacket and skirt or slacks. The goal is to look professional regardless of the job.
  • Arrival Time – Make sure you arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled interview. Not only will that give you a few minutes to pull yourself together, but it will also show the potential employer that you respect the company and the interviewer’s time.
  • Advanced Research – Before going on any job interview, take time to learn as much as you can about the company, what products or services it offers, its philosophy, leadership team, and so on. That way, you walk in educated, making it easier to connect with the interviewer.

Focus on Applicable Courses

The Importance of Online Training on Your Resume

  1. Better Interview – Potential employers will gauge your value by your accomplishments and drive. Adding superior quality education to your resume will help you stand out and open the door to in-depth conversations with the interviewer. That gives you the chance to share what you learned, what you want to learn, your interests, goals, and more. Overall, you end up with a much better interview.
  2. Relevant Skillset – Another benefit of having completed online training courses on your resume is that you get to showcase a relevant set of skills. As mentioned, if you decide to complete courses before interviewing, choose those that align with a specific company, industry, or position. To the interviewer, you will have a unique skill set compared to other candidates.
  3. Integrity and Character – When it comes to personality traits, employers look for two characteristics: integrity and character. They want to hire people who demonstrate drive, maturity, discipline, willingness, and even curiosity. Showcasing your training lets interviewers see that you possess those two critical traits.

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