What you need to know to sell more online courses

Scott Cooper

As online courses are continuing to grow in popularity across the world it’s now easier than ever to create and sell your own courses. When you are a subject matter of a subject, creating a course is easy. You pull together content, and there are many tools available to quickly and easily build your course online.

This webinar has been postponed, we will run another webinar in the near future

The problem is that once you have published your course, the real work begins; you need to get people to purchase and enroll to start generating a return on your time and effort.

Getting started with selling courses online can be challenging, especially for those who have not had any digital marketing experience - which is generally the majority of course creators.

We are excited to present this webinar with Scott Cooper, VP of Marketing at Go1, and Matthias Hombauer of howtobecomearockstarphotographer.com. Scott and Matthias will be discussing the techniques used to get started with selling online courses that anyone can apply, and the lessons that Matthias learned as he went through his journey of getting started with online courses, which over time grew into a successful business.

Some of the key topics that will be covered will include:

  • Why should people purchase your course?
  • Understanding your audience
  • Building an online community
  • Online advertising basics
  • plus more

The session will also include a Q&A, so have your questions ready so that we can help you!

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