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Removing barriers to employee learning with Workplace from Meta

New integration between Go1 and Workplace from Meta enables employees to easily access and engage in online training, all without leaving their workspace.
Belinda Walsh, Product Marketing Manager

Go1 and Workplace from Meta (formerly Facebook) announce the launch of a new integration that enables employees to easily access and engage in online training, all without leaving their workspace.  

With Workplace, Meta are on a mission to make work more personal, providing employees with a platform to connect, communicate, and collaborate.

The Workplace platform is also ideal for delivering just-in-time micro-learning experiences, meaning learners no longer have to spend precious time switching between platforms – one of the biggest barriers to employee learning and productivity.  

“Meta has already revolutionized how people connect, and now with Workplace, that same technology can connect teams in a work setting. When organizations use unified communication tools, people become closer, teamwork gets faster, and culture gets stronger. Combine that with learning and development opportunities that are proven to boost retention, organizations can deliver more value to their customers,” said Andrew Barnes, CEO and Co-Founder of Go1. 

We’re also pleased to announce a partnership with Enablo, who are experts in transforming the employee experience and are a premium partner for Workplace. They’ve helped organization's (including some of the world’s largest) roll out Workplace as their communication and connection tool across their workforces. 

Go1’s integration is now live and available to all customers that use Workplace. 

Does your organization use Workplace from Meta? Request a demo of Go1 in Workplace today.  

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Go1 Learning app fro Workplace from Meta

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