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Go1 product round-up: June 2020

We have had a busy couple of months here at Go1, tinkering away to enhance your experience with curating, managing, and tracking learning. 
Emma Bamford, Product Marketing Manager

We have had a busy couple of months here at Go1, tinkering away to enhance your experience with curating, managing, and tracking learning. 

Since our previous Product Round-up, we have released some exciting features including Go1 Playlists, which help to shorten your curation process; the ability to ‘save’ content to consume later (brilliant!); the Content Hub, to manage and share content more seamlessly with Learners; plus the ability to report by duration.

See below for a shakedown of each release with links to their How-to guides, so you have everything you need to get going.

Save content as you browse

We are excited to share that all users in your Go1 Portal will now be able to save content directly from Explore, into the new Saved tab from within My Learning!

Save courses to My Learning from Explore

This is hugely beneficial if you need to find content now, but want to watch at a later date.

  • As an Admin, this assists greatly with your curation process as you shortlist content to review and share with your Learners.
  • For Learners, this is a great way to keep tabs on the content you want to watch at a more convenient time.

Select and surface content to Learners with greater ease

Whether you are using the Go1 Platform or another LMS, the Content Hub offers a great improvement to your content management, and has replaced the previous Content Selection tool.

As the Administrator you have more visibility and control over your content subscription, so you can browse, curate, and share training to your learners effectively, right within your Go1 Platform. 

If you are assigning resources from the Go1 Content Hub to your Learners within another LMS, you now have the ability to export content efficiently in-bulk, streamlining the process to surface relevant content to your Learners. 

Speed up your curation process with Go1 Playlists

Playlists are carefully curated collections of Go1 Premium content, surfacing top picks against our most commonly requested topics. Playlists can assist your curation process, saving you valuable time.

Go1 Playlists cover topics you care about including Remote Working, Leadership, and Digital Skills, and will continue to grow.


The best part? Your learners can engage with the content immediately, which eases your administrative time and encourages curiosity in your learners.

The next iteration for Playlists includes the ability for Admins, Managers, and Learners to create their own Playlists. Watch this space!

What’s the time, Go1? Why, time to report by duration!

You now have the ability to report by duration in your enrolment reports, so you have greater visibility on how much content your Learners are consuming.


Please note, duration articulated in these reports is the total length of time required to complete the learning in question.

Our new Audio Learning type is something to shout about

Enhance your training program with lectures, podcasts, music, audio books and more, through our new Audio learning type!

Your learners will be able to see the Audio file with the familiar 1Player experience. They can:

  1. Play and pause the audio
  2. Skip ahead and back within the audio by 10 seconds
  3. Return to the beginning of the audio
  4. Increase and decrease the speed


How can we support you?

Would you like to know more about the improvements outlined in this blog? Perhaps you would like to let us know about your experience with Go1? Please reach out to our friendly 24/7 support team anytime for a chat. 

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