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Product release round up October - December 2022

Have a peek at what’s recently been released here at Go1 and learn all about the new features, including an exciting new curation tool and an improved playlist experience.
Tiffany Abi-Fares

Welcome back to our product release update blog! Read on to learn more about our new content curation tool and improvements to the playlist experience.

Content Curation Tool 

In October, we launched a new way to help you quickly find the right content to support your learning programs. 

The Content Curation Tool allows Admins to generate hand-curated Playlists in the Go1 Platform to share, export, and deliver learning that meets your needs. 

Leveraging the Go1 Content Curation Team's expertise and staff picks, you can be confident that you are being recommended the best quality and most relevant content. 

Screenshot of the Go1 Content Curation Tool

Improvements to Playlists

You can now access all your Playlists in the new 'My Playlists' tab from the Dashboard. 

Within a Playlist, you can now reorder learning and add learning using our new Explore sidebar, among other updates. 

Screenshot of the Go1 'My Playlists' Dashboard

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