Product release round up January - March 2022

Welcome to the latest product release blog! Here is a rundown of new features and improvements including an exciting new partnership, new recommendations carousel and an improved learning player experience.
Tiffany Abi-Fares

We’re back again with updates on what’s been released across our technology here at Go1! We’re particularly excited about our updates for learners, for whom we have improved the learning player experience by changing the way peripheral content is displayed and introducing 5 new action buttons to increase learner feedback and engagement.  

For Administrators and Managers, we have continued with our aim to make assigning and managing mandatory learning easier and more seamless across the platform. We have also introduced a new recommendations carousel on the Learning Dashboard for Learning Managers.  

Have a read below to learn about the stuff we’re really excited about! 

Pluralsight partnership  

We're excited to announce that we have partnered with Pluralsight and their content is now live for Premium customers! You can read more about Pluralsight and our partnership here.   


Go1 Platform 

Reduce the time it takes to assign, track, and re-assign learning 

There has previously been some confusion between assign and enrol. We're making the best of both with a new unified assign that looks and behaves the same across the Platform. This will include relative, optional due dates. The Manage page has also been updated to improve the way key tasks are performed. 

  • Find Learners more quickly - Learning Managers can search using ‘email’ or ‘name’ when assigning learning. 
  • Make following up a breeze - With a single click, filter overdue learners. Send a standard or customized reminder to them all right from the Manage feature. 
  • Quickly access the Manage page via Groups - In one click, Learning Managers can now access the Manage page of every learning resource via Groups. 
  • Edit assigned learning with ease - With the new Manage feature, you can edit or delete many assignments at once. 

Peripheral content display 

We have released an improvement of our learning player that changes how peripheral content is displayed by introducing a collapsible drawer at the bottom of the screen which will house the description of the content. All descriptions were automatically moved to this lower panel and no content was lost. The right-hand panel will remain for all courses and will continue to display course structure and learner progress.

New action items 

To increase learner feedback and engagement, 5 action items were added to the bottom drawer (mentioned above) in 1player. These include: 

  • Thumbs up and thumbs down rating - giving us the ability to find out when a user likes or dislikes content 
  • Save button - allow users to save items to their playlist in the Go1 platform 
  • Share button - users can create and copy a share link for any learning resource to encourage others to learn 
  • Report an issue button - users will be able to flag issues whilst they are learning to help Go1 identify content with errors. 

The thumbs up / down buttons and the report an issue button have been released to all customers and partners. The save and share buttons were launched to Go1 Platform customers only.  


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