Product release round up January - March 2021

Here at Go1, we have kicked off 2021 with gusto and have a wide range of initiatives across the business to uplift the Go1 experience for all our customers and partners. This includes scheduled infrastructure upgrades, a better compliance training experience, and faster Playlist management. Read on to learn more!
Emma Bamford, Product Marketing Manager

Amendment · 11th May 2021

We are spending more time digging into how to best improve how our users browse and discover content, which includes course description pop-ups (update below). This means we are extending release from April as articulated in this blog, and will communicate a new release date in due course. If you would like to provide input on this, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

Let’s talk about mandatory training improvements

We have been busy conducting a number of discovery workshops here at Go1 to support users in the Go1 Platform who need to find, assign, track, and report on specific pieces of learning within their organisation.

‘Achievements’ is still on track for release this year, but we are excited to let you know that we are fast-tracking solutions to the biggest blockers that our customers have identified during feedback. These improvements will provide the foundations for Achievements.

Fast-tracked initiatives

Next month, we will release a simplified Enrol & Assign experience. This will also enable us to revamp the ability to set recurring training; a core activity in assignation, so you can 'set and forget' your mandatory training and alleviate administration time.

Other parts of the Platform subsequently, subtly uplifted include:  

  • Reporting
  • Notifications
  • Due dates
  • Simplified bulk actions

Thereafter, our focus will be geared towards how learning content is presented in Achievements, and associated completion rules. More info to come in due course!

Scheduled infrastructure upgrade in early April

We will be conducting scheduled infrastructure upgrades on Saturday 3rd April from 3 pm AEST until 8 pm AEST, over a 5-hour window. Full service will resume thereafter. Keep up to date via our FAQs page here.

This will affect every user who accesses learning content from Go1, or uses the Go1 Platform and API endpoints. 

The purpose of these upgrades means Go1 can more efficiently release improvements and enhancements, resulting in a better experience for you and your users, and partners.

We will communicate with you over the next few weeks with more information so you can share this update internally.

Find the right course, more quickly

When any user hovers over a course a more detailed explanation of the course appears in a pop-up. This means you no longer need to click on a course to discover more detail, including important information such as course description, learning outcomes, skill level, type, and total duration. 

This improvement will be available within Explore, all Search results pages, and also in the Content Dashboard. Due for release in April.

  • All user roles can start the course immediately, or ‘save’ to review for later, directly from the pop-up.
  • Admins will not have the ability to enrol or assign to others from the pop-up, but still by selecting the ellipsis (...) directly from the courses in Search result lists.


Quicker content management in Playlists

Playlist authors can now navigate to the Content Dashboard to remove individual resources from a playlist, or delete the playlist entirely.

Within Search and Explore, learners can now filter the list of playlists by Topic, ensuring content can be found more quickly and intuitively. Published playlists use automated topic prediction.

All improvements are due for release in April.


User Terms and Privacy Policy for all new users

As of the 17th of March 2021, all new users that access the Go1 platform will be presented with a pop-up window presenting the user terms and privacy policy. This is a subtle change that will ensure all users have seen and agree to the terms before accessing the Go1 Platform.

This will not impact any customers signing up via a registration form as acceptance is captured there, however, it will be seen by users coming in via SSO connections and invitation links. 

The terms acceptance pop-up has existed in the Go1 Platform for a number of years, and this improvement will ensure all users are captured. If you would like to read our user terms and privacy policy, you can find them on our website.


New year, new Go1! Welcoming our new brand across Go1 products

You might remember we launched our new brand last year; we are really excited to be in a position to fold in a new design across Go1 products for a unified visual experience. 

Not to worry - there is no change to functionality and all will behave exactly as before. Changes will be subtle enough so as not to impact any branding you have configured within your Go1 solution.

The changes include:

  • Subtle colour changes to buttons
  • A font upgrade
  • more rounded edges
  • A slight tweak to whitespace

The revamp is due to take place in late March across all products including the Go1 Platform, Go1 learning app for Microsoft teams, and 1Player (our player which hosts courses within 3rd party systems). This will be a staggered approach with high use pages being uplifted as a priority.

We will provide more information about these initiatives in our upcoming quarterly customer webinars from 30th-31st March, and release future blogs. Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to secure your spot. 


How can we support you?

Would you like to know more about the improvements outlined in this blog? Perhaps you would like to let us know about your experience with Go1? Please reach out to a Go1 representative via the website, or through your Customer Success Manager.

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