Product release round up April - June 2021

Welcome back to our product release update blog! Here’s a rundown of the new features and improvements you can now take advantage of, including an improved sign-in experience for learners and new search filters and suggestions. Read on to learn more. 
Emma Bamford, Product Marketing Manager

A better sign-in experience for your learners

We have improved the look of the sign-in experience, and theme configuration tools, so it’s even simpler for administrators to provide a familiar, branded log-in for their users when they log in. 

Upgrade your platform to the new settings from Wednesday, July 14th, with a mandatory rollout to all Go1 Platforms occurring on 28th July, 2021.

A screenshot showing the ability to upgrade to our new theme and customisation settings, including an improved design for your sign up and registration pages.

There is no change to functionality; these improvements include: 

  • A simplification in branding the platform within Settings > Theme and Configuration, which allows for image cropping and zoom on images used in the sign-up/sign-in page.
  • A new ‘preview’ feature that lets Administrators see the changes in place before they are saved - no more guessing.

A screenshot showing your ability to preview your updates to your Go1 Platform branding before saving.

Find learning resources to meet your needs and discover related content you may not have considered 

As the largest curated eLearning library from the world’s top training providers, our search functionality is so important to help you find the right courses to upskill, re-train, and retain your employees.

Search suggestions 

A new suggested keywords search UI provides a clearer way for you to find the right content more quickly. Users can now see suggested search categories in a new and more structured layout, allowing them to dig into their preferred search results more efficiently. 

A screenshot showing that you can now use the keyword search to get helpful suggestions for more targeted search results

New Filters 

Users can now filter content by Levels “Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Applicable for All” on search results. The definition for these levels is the suggested competency level prior to starting. 

Users will now also filter content by Regions and Language Dialect on search results within the Content Selector and Search & Explore.

  • We've attributed a region only when that content is made specifically for a particular region - eg. country or region-specific compliance content.
  • Where region is not important in finding the right content, (e.g. soft skills content), it has been marked as global.
  • Language Dialect indicates the accent or language locale that the content contains and is currently available for English (US), English (AU), English (UK).

A screenshot showing that more filters are now available to you, including language dialects and regions

Search will remain a focus for us in the upcoming months and we will continue to ensure the integrity of our search algorithm. 

Improved reporting for user data

When exporting .csv reports, ‘Manager Email’ is now available for all administrators to simply export the relationship between managers and learners. To export this information, ensure Manager ID is selected and visible as a column in the report before exporting.

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