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Explore has evolved: read about the latest release!
Erin O'Connor

What we know - learner engagement is integral to your training program and you want more users interacting with your Go1 learning program. So, today we are introducing the new Explore Dashboard to boost user engagement and streamline content discovery on the platform.



The Explore Dashboard was released to Early Access a few months ago, and now it is generally available to all Premium users.

With this release you can personalise your content recommendations via the new Explore Dashboard, to help you more easily discover the right content for your team.

Simply add or update your teams and topics portal information and Go1's content suggestions model, will showcase the courses that are best for your learners. Our model analyses the content enrolment trends of customers in the same industry and location as your organisation to then present tailored suggestions. Also you will see two additional content blocks on this page highlighting new content on the portal and trending content on the portal. Learn about the feature here.


What you need to know:

  1. Explore Dashboard is available to all customers with Premium subscribed content enabled on their portal as determined by your Portal settings < Content Selection. If your organisation doesn't have that Premium content enabled, users will be taken to the search results page when they select Explore from the top navigation bar.
  2. To personalise the content recommendations for your portal, head to Portal Settings < Recommendations and select Improve Your Recommendations.
  3. To access the search results page(formerly Explore Page) begin your search in the search bar provided. 
  4. The Explore Dashboard is available to all users on your platform, the topics of interest are only available for Admins to update in Portal Setting.

Read more detailed docs here.


In other product news:

The team has re-instated some previous functionality. Now when a user starts searching for content they will see a list of suggested content items drop down based on the keywords in the search. All suggestions will also identify the content item type: eg course, video, award. 



Administrators can now edit user details

It's inevitable that user details may need updating if they have been entered incorrectly on set-up, or simply changed over time.

 We've updated the Administer role permissions, so it is more convenient for you to self-manage your user-base with the ability to edit the email address and name fields for learners from the Edit User pop-up.

Note:  You can only change the email address of a user if its associated with your company domain and you need to be the Administrator across all portals they access to do that.

This update applies to Admins, who can also elect for Content Managers to have the same permissions. Read the how to docs here.

Check-out our What's new Guide to read about more updates!

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