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Sales readiness: 5 key components to a sales-ready team

A sales readiness solution is the best approach your organization has in readying your sales team and maximizing their potential. Gene Epshteyn, Senior Product Marketing Manager at MindTickle, shares his top tips for creating a sales-ready team.
Gene Epshteyn - Guest Contributor

Many of you have probably come across the term “sales readiness,” and if you follow investment news, the space has taken sales enablement by storm over the last few years. Why are so many global, high-growth enterprises increasingly turning to sales readiness and migrating away from an LMS or traditional sales enablement solution?

The answer lies in the evolution of learning at these companies, which have come to see the clear ROI of sales readiness solutions and the immediate, positive long-term impact they’ve had for customer-facing teams. Many sales enablement and L&D leaders realize that an ongoing learning and professional skill development framework offered by a sales readiness solution can achieve what LMS and many enablement solutions are simply unable to do: unearth gaps in knowledge and skills, enable reps to retain knowledge, practice proficiencies and incrementally hone their selling skills. 


The secret sauce behind sales readiness is “everboarding.” What is it? Rather than a single course or sequence of one-off learning modules to help sales (and customer-facing) teams essentially memorize the products and services they sell, sales readiness provides a deeper understanding and ability to learn and effectively apply skills.

In other words, sellers are ready and prepared to have impactful,  productive interactions with prospects and customers. By further enabling sales reps to observe, learn, practice, and apply the knowledge and skills accrued through readiness programs, they can successfully bridge capability and enablement gaps. 


Here are five key components to enable your team to be sales-ready:

1. Take one step at a time: incremental, customized skills training and knowledge retention

You’re probably familiar with onboarding and ramping up sales reps and other employees, whether through HR or L&D or enablement programs. The key differences with a readiness solution are that it is asynchronous, personalized and ongoing. Yes, the core onboarding process includes what you think it would: HR compliance and tech skills training, an overview of the company, its products and messaging. But how long will it be before reps forget much of what they’ve learned?

Research shows that people won’t retain much of what they’ve learned after just a week thanks to the “forgetting curve.” That’s why readiness solutions are essential for high-performing sales teams -- they provide ongoing learning through spaced-out micro-content, as well as regular updates and assessments to continually unearth knowledge gaps and ensure reps retain learnings in the long term. What’s more, readiness platforms provide innovative ways for reps to apply what they’ve learned all from the convenience of their mobile devices.

2. Practice practice practice: applied skills training  

A pro in any field will tell you the key to success is practice, practice, practice. That’s exactly why readiness solutions have become so popular with enablement and L&D teams. Leading sales readiness platforms like MindTickle allow reps to practice skills and apply knowledge with the help of virtual role-plays. 

Role-plays fill in the gaps between knowledge and delivery by simulating real-world scenarios, including pitches, demos, cold calls, emails, objection handling, etc.  Managers can give feedback to reps to improve pitches, focus on key terms and messaging, and learn from their peers.  

3. Become remote-first and always ready: virtual events, peer collaboration and live interactions 

Sales kick-off meetings are an important event that prepares sales teams for success. They boost engagement, align sales teams with the organizational strategy, offer key information to succeed in the field, celebrate wins and help sellers learn from losses from the previous year.

The importance of SKOs and quarterly business reviews have only grown since last year’s pandemic-induced lockdown, requiring companies to look for virtual options to run engaging, productive sales meetings. Virtual sales events are integral to sales enablement and have naturally found a home on readiness platforms like MindTickle, the platform of choice for numerous organizations to make their sales events effective and engaging.

4 Deliver the right content in the right context: curated content 

“Content is king.” Remember the phrase that defined online interactivity over the last few decades? Well, it’s still relevant today, especially for sales reps who need to navigate increasingly complex sales cycles and interact with increasingly savvy buyers. One key challenge for L&D and sales enablement leaders is finding the right content for their programs and the best solution to make content available just when reps need it. If done manually, it’s time-consuming.

Luckily there are not only content providers such as Go1, which offer excellent, relevant, and curated content, but also readiness platforms that can integrate curated content as part of a content management system. With this integrated solution in place, reps can consume content  when they need it most, be assessed or certified on it, and practice what they’ve learned from content in different real-life scenarios. 

5. Learn from the pros: Empower structured, 1-on-1 coaching sessions

Coaching can improve revenues by as much as 28%. More and more revenue and enablement leaders have added coaching to their everboarding processes. 

Initial onboarding and everboarding are critical aspects of enablement, but coaching is debatably the most important – and frequently more difficult – to implement because it’s based on reinforcing and building on a foundation through continual, structured, individualized sessions. Coaching requires structure as well as follow-ups that improve not just incremental knowledge, but specific skills and behaviors.

It’s precisely because coaching can be more complex that many organizations have avoided it — to their own detriment — until comprehensive solutions like MindTickle came along with out-of-the-box, AI-guided coaching sessions built into its platform, easily integrating coaching with enablement and complementing existing LMS solutions.

A solution to make your team sales-ready

A sales readiness solution is the best approach your organization has in readying your sales team and maximizing their potential to improve deal win rates and sizes by making them more capable and effective at selling. With a comprehensive sales readiness solution, you’ll be able to bring together all the above five key components and have the added benefit of gathering the metrics you need to improve training, content and coaching to continuously and incrementally improve team performance.

Our partnership with MindTickle provides teams with a comprehensive, data-driven solution for sales readiness and enablement that fuels revenue growth and brand value.

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