PeopleStreme and Go1 announce Strategic Partnership

Scott Cooper

Bringing world class online training content to HR with an integrated learning solution.

PeopleStreme and Go1.com are pleased to announce our new partnership aimed at combining the companies’ respective expertise in Human Capital Management and Online Training Content.


This partnership will see PeopleStreme and Ascender capitalize on Go1.com’s educational expertise and one-stop shop for all things training, while Go1.com will look to support its clients HCM and Payroll requirements through PeopleStreme’s HCM suite and Ascender’s Payroll. This will allow Go1.com users to achieve an “all-in-one” HCM, Payroll and training solution.

“We are pleased to expand our relationship with Go1. Our customers are looking for diverse content to drive fast, impactful and efficient learning. This requires a deep learning catalog and a system to accommodate all the multiple ways of learning. Go1 is the world’s largest aggregator of online training content bringing all of the world’s top training providers under the same roof making them the right partner for us” — Lyle Potgieter, CEO of PeopleStreme.

“We look forward to working closely with PeopleStreme to help Australian businesses overcome the oft-complex challenges relating to the management, upskilling, engagement, health and safety of employees - all in one tightly integrated solution.” — Andrew Barnes, CEO of Go1.com.

At a time where there is significant disruption taking place throughout workforces across the globe, businesses are having to deal with complexities in upskilling their workforce. This partnership is an acknowledgment of organizations increasingly looking for a holistic solution to their Learning Platform (LDS) and training content requirements to help boost employees’ productivity and business profitability.

About PeopleStreme and Ascender 

PeopleStreme was recently acquired by Ascender, one of Asia Pacific’s leaders in human resources and payroll outsourcing. Together, the two companies specialize in the development of technology to support payroll and human resources initiatives and have over 1.5 million employees being paid using Ascender’s Payroll or using PeopleStreme’s HCM platforms. Their fully integrated technology include multiple payroll technologies, performance management, learning and development, eRecruitment, and onboarding. With over 1,500 global brands and listed companies across a range of different industries, Ascender and PeopleStreme have the ability to advise, consult, train and implement all components of an organization’s human resources project requirements. Their mission is to unlock the full potential of an organization’s workforce by providing intuitive cloud-based HCM and payroll software and deployment services.

About Go1 

Go1 makes it easy for businesses to train their staff, with the world’s largest compliance, professional development and general training marketplace. By providing a single platform that extends from first aid training through to degree-bearing courses, Go1 makes it easy to find and compare the best training options available. The marketplace features more than 500,000 courses and other learning items created by local and international experts. Customers include SEEK, Oxford University, state and local governments and St John Ambulance.

Since launching in 2015, Go1.com has grown to be a world leader in online learning and education. The company’s investors include Y Combinator, Shark Tank’s Steve Baxter, SEEK and Oxford University, enabling the startup to continue expanding its offices across the world.

Go1 helps millions of people in thousands of organizations engage in learning that is relevant, effective and inspiring.
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