Oxford Seed Fund invests in Go1

Scott Cooper

We are esteemed to announce that Oxford Seed Fund has chosen to invest in Go1. The announcement will see one of the most prestigious schools in the world supporting the future of the learning industry, and working to make learning more accessible to everyone across the world.

The press release from Oxford reads and follows:

The Seed Fund team at Saïd Business School, Oxford is delighted to announce its latest investment. The team has chosen to invest in Go1, an e-learning management system for businesses, governments and universities.

Go1 provides organizations with a simple and effective software platform for training their staff, students, volunteers and other affiliates. Organizations can easily customize their training and development programs, and add features such as videos, chat rooms, forums and quizzes. In this way, they can provide user-friendly building-blocks that help transform existing, outdated software or paper-based training systems into sophisticated training platforms that can be used on both desktop and mobile devices.

Go1 was accepted into the prestigious Y-Combinator startup incubator program in Mountain View, California for Summer 2015. The company also recently secured a contract with Oxford University to provide bolt-on services to its WebLearn platform for students. The company launched in Australia two years ago, and the four founders are all in their twenties. One of the founders Andrew Barnes, is a Rhodes Scholar and a PhD candidate in business management, who completed his MSc at Oxford in 2015.  Chris Hood has a computer science background and leads the internal development team, Vu Tran has just completed his medical training and heads the sales team and Chris Eigeland has a legal background and has extensive experience in running and growing teams.

Scott Kincaid, co-chair of the Oxford Seed Fund for 2015 said:

“Go1 has an amazing team with an impressive combination of talent, experience, work ethic and vision. The company has built an extraordinary product, and has already gained significant traction with many notable customers. The challenge for the team will be to scale into new countries including the United States, while continuing to innovate its product offering. Go1 is entering a large and growing market that is ripe for disruption, and the SBS Seed Fund team is confident that Andrew and his team are more than capable of being the ones to reinvent this space.”

Co-Founder Andrew Barnes added:

“We are excited to welcome the University of Oxford on board through the Oxford Seed Fund’s investment in Go1.  Oxford has a long and famous history. But what is exciting is the future of education, both within a traditional university environment and in other contexts. We are thrilled that the University is looking towards the future of education, and investing in a business like Go1 that is focused on leveraging technology to support education and training.”

You can also read about Oxford University investing in Go1 in The Australian.


About the Oxford Seed Fund:

The Oxford Seed Fund is a student-run fund that invests £15-25k in early-stage ventures founded by Oxford students and alumni. It provides funding and support to entrepreneurs, and it is part of the Entrepreneurship Centre at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford.

Go1 helps millions of people in thousands of organizations engage in learning that is relevant, effective and inspiring.
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