Overcoming communication barriers through online training

John Sherman


Regardless of a company’s size or industry, there is always room to improve on communication. If you notice an increasing number of mistakes, feel the tension rising at work, or see a disconnect among your employees, there is an excellent chance that you have a communication problem.

When faced with these situations, you need professional help. For both oral and written communication, online training is a fantastic solution. Developed by topic experts, everyone in your organization would benefit from taking courses. Improved communication leads to many great things, including employees who perform at an optimal level, managers who effectively lead, and overall, a company that flourishes.

The Cause of Poor Communication

One thing that makes online training courses so exciting is that fact in addition to providing you with solutions, they cover the underlying causes of poor communication. As a result, you can learn how to implement appropriate change and avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

The following are some examples of what causes communication problems in the workplace and how different online training courses help.

Confusing Roles and Responsibilities

Without question, this is the number one cause of poor communication leading to a host of business issues. Unless you provide every member of your team with a clear description of their roles and responsibilities, you can expect chaos. You will end up with people doing the same job, which means ignoring other responsibilities. You could also expect discord among your employees because they have no idea who to turn to for conflict resolution.

By completing the right online training courses, you recognize areas in trouble quickly. You will gain insight on creating and implementing strategies that correct problems and prevent them from occurring again.

Undefined Decision Makers

Especially when it comes to major decisions about finances, investments, operational changes, and strategies, you need to communicate with your entire company who is in charge. Because everyone has an opinion, it is essential that you clearly define who the decision makers are in your company.

In addition to learning how to communicate more effectively, there are online training courses that address potential conflict. Remember, you have two types of customers, external and internal. Those on the inside consist of your employees. With online courses, your internal customers can learn to communicate, which builds respect and trust. As a result, you can expect your business to run seamlessly.

Poorly Developed Business Processes

Written communication is another area covered by online training. Like all courses, these come from experts who developed proven strategies. You will learn how to create business processes and communicate them to your employees. Ultimately, you avoid redundancy, which is a huge waste of money and time. Well-defined businesses processes will also make it easier for your employees to do their jobs without conflict.

Through different courses, you may discover that instead of refining your business processes, you need to change them completely. You can even take compliance courses to ensure that your business practices line up with mandated laws and regulations.

Misaligned Staff

You want your managers to talk to you freely about concerns with the alignment of their teams. As you go through various training courses on communication, you will come across many that focus on improving leadership skills. If you find that your managers do not share concerns, there is a good chance that you have given the impression of being unapproachable.

Course Options

  • 5 Myths that Block Effective Delegation in Business – What does this have to do with communication? For you to get the maximum return on investment in people, you need to know how to delegate properly, which is critical for effective communication.
  • Simplifying Business Processes – With this, you can take complex processes and simplify them. By doing so, you better communicate to your staff what you expect from them in the jobs they do.
  • Hazard Communication – This course covers mandates by Hazard Communication Standards. This along with related courses will ensure that a team working with potential or known hazardous materials knows the proper way to handle them safely. Other topics include Labeling, Safety Data Sheets, employee knowledge, and awareness, plus more.

As you can see, there is a host of reasons that communication issues exist in business. Whether one of these strikes home or you have a different problem, online training courses can help get you through a troubling time. Along with improving on oral and written communication, many courses cover topics that cause problems. Combined, you have the perfect solution for getting your company on track for achieving even greater success.

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