Does online IT training help advance careers?

John Sherman

Today, online education is a viable option for people interested in learning, whether to add a new skill to their resume or refine an existing one. Although e-learning benefits virtually anyone and any industry, it is especially critical for the world of IT.


Considering that IT departments around the globe have the responsibility of overseeing the installation and maintenance of computer network systems that change frequently, and often dramatically, anyone involved with this field must stay on point. After all, the computer system is the heart of the business. Whether a single IT expert or an entire team of specialists, not having the skill to ensure optimal functionality of these systems would prove disastrous to the company.

Now more than ever, IT is a vital component of any company. For businesses to stay competitive, they must have two primary things, an excellent product or service and a state-of-the-art IT department. Thanks to online training opportunities, someone interested in working in IT or who already has a job in this area but wants to advance can. It all comes down to using online education to stay ahead of the ever-changing curve.

Selecting the right online source

While it is true that online training is an excellent way to advance a career in IT, it is essential to select the right source. After all, organizations that provide e-learning opportunities are different. This is why you need one that has a wealth of available courses specific to things that go on within an IT department and the IT market itself, all created by top industry experts.

Example courses

  • IT Security Primer – With this course, you would learn how to identify effective security controls in conjunction with desktop management policies to provide your employer with optimal protection against outside threats. This training course also teaches effective IT security measures that you can implement to increase the level of computer system protection.
  • Information Security Awareness – This training course is yet another option that will give you a boost in building your IT career.
  • Data Privacy and Information Security – This particular online training course covers several important topics relating to IT, including asset protection, information security, and data privacy. With your newly developed knowledge, you will find yourself in a better position to protect your employer’s confidential and personal information.

Beyond security

Another exciting thing about using online education to position yourself for success in the IT field is that you can choose online training courses specific to an industry. Although there are similarities in the work performed in all IT departments, there are some differences based on the type of company.

If you work for a bank, credit union, or some other financial institution and want to move up in the IT department, IT Security for Banks is an outstanding course. The primary objective of this course is to teach participants how to develop an IT security plan that addresses three specific areas of vulnerability for this industry. It also covers how to apply a proven five-step system development cycle, and how to spot red flags when screening vendors and contractors.

Along with IT-related courses, you should consider education that focuses on management skills. As part of advancing your IT career, you want to become an all-around balanced individual with superior leadership skills. With online education, you can accomplish that goal by taking courses specific to learning effective management styles, improving on communication, peacefully and fairly resolving conflict, and more.

Staying relevant

As the demand for highly qualified IT experts continues to rise, if you do not invest in learning, someone else will come along and either take your job or the higher position you wanted. All you need to stay relevant in IT is to keep learning. Because courses through a reputable source are so affordable and many take less than an hour to complete, you can take the initiative outside of work. That alone will show your employer how serious you are about moving up.

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