How online education helps boost employee morale

John Sherman


Dealing with employee morale issues is tricky because there are many different underlying causes. Fortunately, you can rely on a variety of online training courses that will not only help you understand the reasons but also give you insight into how you can give your team a much-needed boost.


According to top career and human resource experts, there are 11 primary reasons for a reduction in employee morale. If you want to grow your business, you need a team of dedicated employees. For that, you need to make appropriate changes that improve overall drive and attitude.

  1. Unused Potential – From an employee’s perspective, not working to full potential is frustrating and in fact, somewhat demeaning. If you have talent, use it but in the best way. Although this should start at the hiring phase, it is never too late to evaluate your in-house skill to determine if you have people in the right positions or performing the right tasks. Identify the potential of your employees and put it to good use.
  2. Unfair Treatment – If you ask your employees what they want, the majority will say respect. Anytime managers or supervisors treat their team inappropriately, you can expect to see a decline in morale. Keep in mind that in addition to affecting the targeted employees, unfair treatment impacts others who become aware of the situation or see what is going on in the workplace.
  3. Poor Communication – For any company to succeed, regardless of its size or the industry, excellent communication is critical, both oral and written. When someone lacks in communication skills, it leads to frustration and mistakes. The good news is that there are many online training courses available for this specific issue. In response to improved communication, employee morale improves.
  4. Unreasonable Workload – While you expect your employees to work hard, if they carry too much of a load, they become irritated and unfocused. Make sure you use your employees in the most efficient way possible. Although this is important in any scenario, it is most vital if you recently downsized.
  5. Lack of Recognition – When it comes to boosting employee morale, nothing works better than handing out kudos. Recognizing hard work, excellent results, and even a positive attitude will go a long way in improving morale and creating a positive work environment. After all, recognition will give your employees a sense of pride and accomplishment in their work, motivating them to do more and perform better.
  6. Undefined Expectations – When going through interviews with job candidates, you should lay out clear and realistic expectations. For your current employees, this is the perfect time to incorporate lessons you learned through online training courses to ensure that everyone knows exactly what you expect. With clear guidance, you will find your team performs at a higher level while maintaining an excellent attitude.
  7. Poorly Defined Development Plan – Most people searching for work look at companies that offer an opportunity for growth. Otherwise, they would become stagnant in their jobs, causing an issue with morale and production. You need to have a plan in place so that everyone understands what it takes to move forward. That way, your team remains dedicated to you and your company, as opposed to going somewhere else.
  8. Fluctuating Goals – Although there is nothing wrong with modifying goals to some degree, your employees need consistency so they have a clear target. By all means, make changes to outdated company goals but avoid constant fluctuations.
  9. Empowerment and Trust – The reason you have hiring methods in place is to ensure you bring in the right talent for your business. Even with skilled and loyal employees, some companies micromanage their teams and have a lack of trust that they will complete the work on time and within scope. With the right online training courses, you will learn how to delegate without feeling the need to check on your team’s work activities continually.
  10. High Turnover – Remember number two about unfair treatment? People within your company pay close attention to what is going on. If they notice a high turnover rate, whether justified or not, they will begin to question their value and security. As a result, employee morale decreases.
  11. Salary – Obviously, salary should coordinate with the job title and responsibilities. You want to establish a fair pay scale, one that fits the company budget but also rewards your team for their contributions. If you cannot pay your employees at the top of the scale for their respective roles, consider creating some type of bonus program.

Based on these 11 causes of poor employee morale, you can select training courses to overcome the various challenges they present. Whether an owner or manager, you have the chance to become more efficient and effective in your role, which has a trickle-down effect on your employees. Using the vast amount of knowledge that you gain online, you can make changes within your organization that improve morale dramatically.

Although it takes many things to succeed in business, boosting employee morale is one of the most critical. With the right online training courses, you'll learn from experts’ proven methods for accomplishing that goal. After implementing new strategies, you will notice quickly that your employees enjoy coming to work.

A happy staff equates to higher production, satisfied customers, and more generated revenue. Your team is a vital part of your business, use training courses to learn how to make them feel more appreciated and respected.

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