There is no excuse not to learn

John Sherman

The world is much smaller than it once was, figuratively speaking. Of course, oceans and time zones still separate us all but in terms of our ability to access information about anything we want, from almost anywhere we want, and the world has never been smaller.

Despite this self-evident fact, not everybody is taking advantage of our current position.


While you may have left high school a long time ago, your ability to learn new skills or simply brush up on old ones has not gone away.

Online courses present a perfect opportunity for people to learn now and to improve their working career. The more skills you have to offer an employer, the more responsibility you’ll receive.

If you want to progress in your career, this is an easy way to do it.

The provision of online courses is huge at the moment and set to grow, and with so much competition, prices have really been driven down - meaning that expense is becoming less of a concern.

As the old saying going, if there’s a will, then there’s an easy way to learn via online courses.

This is certainly something that Steve Baxter, the Australian start-up investor, agrees with. He said, “There’s no point sitting in a rocking chair at 65 years old and saying ‘I could have done that’. That’s a wasted life. Nowadays it’s so easy, there are so many online courses, training courses.”

In this blog we’ll address some key benefits of online courses to explain why there really is no excuse not to learn!

Customizable – online courses have real-world benefits

Due to the pick-and-choose nature of online courses, students can tailor their course to meet their specific needs and goals.

This is of vital importance to adult learners, who want the time and money they’ll spend on a course to have real-world benefits; the course should help them progress in their working lives.

Targeted education to increase knowledge in the area you work will improve your career and exhibit your willingness to use your own time to improve yourself. This is the attitude that all employers want to see.

Online courses are flexible – they fit around you

One of the major problems adults have with returning to study is that they often have families who require an awful lot of time and attention. You can’t attend an 8 a.m. class in the next town if your child needs to be dropped off at school at that time.

While college schedules are fixed and unchanging, the beauty of the online course lies in its entirely flexible nature. Sure, you’ll have to complete a set number of hours of instructional video or homework, but you can choose when you want to do them; once the kids have gone to bed if you have a family, or on the bus to work.

Online courses frequently offer the option of downloading content straight to a mobile device, so even if you don’t have internet you can still use your free time to learn.

What’s not to like?

No need to leave your home

Many adult learners need to stay at home to look after young children or elderly relatives. Or perhaps you’re a freelancer who wants to add a few strings to your bow. Regardless of the situation you’re in, online courses are the perfect option for those who need to stay at home.

And not having to leave home offers many benefits. There is no traffic to slowly creep through or trains to catch on the subway, so that means there’s no gas or tickets to be paid for either.

A computer, internet access and the familiarity of your own home is all you need to make a step in the right direction.

Online courses can be taken at your own pace

Returning to education after a long time away can sometimes be a struggle. The fast-pace of college and university courses are aimed at students fresh out of school who have enough free time to spend hours in the library.

Adult learners haven’t always got a lot of time to spend studying, and adjusting to the pace of learning again can sometimes be slow going. But online courses offer the benefit of the student

choosing when they are ready to study, meaning the course can be taken at a pace you are comfortable with.

That leads to a lower dropout rate, and a higher chance you’ll achieve your goals.

Extra help can always be found

Mature students can have a hard time finding support of fellow students if they spend no time on campus or in university accommodation. Without this support, or time put aside to see college tutors, help with problems you have can be difficult to find.

Online courses tend to have forums and help desks, where students can reach out to one another to lend a hand of guidance in troubling times. If you’re stuck on a particular part of the course, asking the forum is a sure bet to find the answer you’re looking for.

Online courses are a great way to improve your standing at work and to help you up to the next rung on the career ladder. Rather than sacrificing time with family and friends, online courses fit around your life. A decade ago courses taught online were considered a soft option, but not anymore. The dedicated to complete a course while juggling the responsibilities of life is impressive to everyone.

Really, there’s no excuse not to learn.


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