New Management Fundamentals: Intellezy

Find out how courses from Intellezy Learning, one of Go1's Premium training partners, will help your employees build their management skills.
Erin O'Connor

July is management month at Go1.

This month, we're focusing on all things management - so keep an eye on the blog over the next few weeks to read more about Go1’s relevant training content!



Don't wait to start training your new managers

The transition from employee to manager can be difficult - it takes new skills and a new mind-set. Intellezy Learning has a series of courses for new managers which you can use to set your new managers up for success.

Organisations who don't take action now when it comes to training first-time managers will be overtaken by organisations who are offering their new managers the right training solution. 

The Intellezy Learning library not only covers traditional management skills to ensure your managers make a successful transition, but also has practical skills for first-time managers to help them support and motivate their team, and create a strong workforce that is results driven. 


Find nine courses related to the New Management Fundamentals Series in Go1 Premium. This series is suited to new managers to help them learn key management skills and how to apply a practical approach to managing your employees. Highlights from Intellezy's nine management courses include: 

Managing Employee Performance [Beginner]

Enable new managers to learn and apply a practical approach to managing the performance of employees in a way that will achieve organisational results while enhancing the development and engagement of employees.

  • This course looks beyond the traditional annual performance plan and presents tools, templates and skills that reflect the current reality managers are facing - dynamic, fast moving, complex, team-based, and cross-functional.
  • Learners will complete each stage of the process, understand the management skills required to put it into practice, as well as identify future opportunities for development.

Goal Setting for Managers [Beginner]

The overall goal of this program is to enable managers to learn and apply a practical, management-centric goal setting process. A process that is designed to reflect the current reality managers are facing - fast moving and cross-functional.

  • Upon completion, each learner will have completed the process as well as identified future opportunities for development.

Leading Virtual Teams [Beginner]

This is an especially important skill because virtual teams are now the fundamental way in which work gets done within organisations, with many employees working remotely and teams existing across different geographic areas.

  • This course blends best practice and the latest research, with an emphasis on helping managers understand how to lead these dispersed, virtual teams.
  • Upon completion, each learner will have completed a series of exercises that will enable them to better manage teams in a virtual world.


Intellezy Learning: An eLearning solution like no other

Intellezy microlearning can strengthen your competence and confidence. Intellezy has a robust library of Microsoft Office, Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud microlearning. Intellezy’s training is delivered by certified instructors and industry experts. Their friendly, engaging style breaks down complex ideas into bite-sized learning nuggets, and Intellezy’s video library is produced by professionals, in a studio, for professionals like you. Because they never leave the screen, the learner’s attention is held longer. Look forward to 3-5 minute short segment videos, with onscreen instructors providing solutions to common workday challenges.

Go1 Premium has 153 learning resources available as part of your subscription, read more here.


If you want to enrol in these courses, simply:

  1. Sign into your portal
  2. Navigate to Explore
  3. From the Search Results Page -> use the provider filter to find Intellezy Learning courses.


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