What you need to know about eLearning authoring tools

John Sherman

Technology has revolutionized how we’re learning and how your business can deliver employee training today and in the future.

Yet, while nobody argues how beneficial e-learning courses are for your business, if the content always stays the same, it’ll lose its spark. This’ll mean your business will squander its advantage and employees won’t benefit from up-to-date training and education.


What we’re saying is, if you don’t update your e-learning courses on a regular basis, your training becomes olds, irrelevant and non-responsive for employees and nobody wants that.

One of the best ways to keep your e-learning courses relevant and valuable for your employees is by investing in e-learning authoring tools. This is a software program that’s going to let you create whatever content you want and whenever you need it.

You become the creator of learning experiences right from the comfort of your computer, using text, photos and videos – you name it. From creating simulations for training to displaying educational information, you can create the course your workforce needs right now.

Of course, not all e-learning authoring tools are created equally and some will be better for your business than others. It’s common for some tools to be easier to figure out than others, while some have more advanced features that you can use. There’s a lot out there to choose from.

So, how’d you choose an e-learning authoring tool? This’ll depend on the goals you are looking on achieve, your technical expertise and budget.

It’s important to remember that this tool is a one-time investment that ‘ll pay for itself over a number of years, providing your employees with the training they need to progress and help your business grow.

Yet, there’s one e-learning authoring tool that stands out to us and that’s Elucidat. Read on to get the down low on this program and how it can help achieve your company’s goals:

Elucidat is a web-based e-learning authoring tool that acts as a custom theme builder for your training courses, creating content that’s not only easy for the creator to make, but also for the end-user to enjoy on any browser or mobile device.

Let’s take you through the reasons we think Elucidat deserves attention as an e-learning authoring tool and what you should know.

A Simple & Convenient Interface

One of the main reasons we recommend Elucidat is because it’s straight forward and simple to use. It’s found to be more user-friendly than a lot of e-learning authoring tools, meaning you don’t have to be tech savvy to use it.

There’s a ‘get started’ menu to guide you through the steps to creating valuable content for newcomers. After all, nobody wants to do training for creating training.

All you have to do is follow the steps and click the options you want – that’s it. Elucidat does all the hard work for you.

It starts by choosing a theme. Sound simple? That’s because it’s designed to be. You can choose from loads of colors, layouts and templates that are already made to create your training, as well as use the built-in image library. No coding or complicated formats.

Fast Creation and Instant Publishing

The set-up of Elucidat and page sequences are designed to allow you to create e-learning training courses quickly and easily.

This means you can focus on what really matters and that’s creating education elearning courses that are going to benefit your employees and company and deliver that content when it’s relevant.

Translation: you can get down to business and stop wasting time.

In addition, publishing your e-learning courses is instant. You can even update the content in a flash, without having to upload a file time and time again.

Page Customization

While Elucidat is simple to operate, it also has plenty of options to customize content at the same time. That means you can personalize your content to complement your business.

If you know your way around the computer, you can even create new themes from scratch. You can customize with your own logo and brand – whatever you want.

Collaborative Tools

The features on Elucidat mean that it’s easy to work as a team to create successful e-learning courses for your employee training.

The review and comment features let you look over the course and receive feedback on how well it runs.

In addition, you can now assign user roles within your team to work together on creating content. For example, you can be the author, while two of your colleagues can be the layout designer and final reviewer.

Reviewing Features

A great feature on Elucidat is the ability to test your course on various screen resolution sizes to make sure it works on all smartphones, tablets and computer sizes before it’s published.

This’ll save you time having to go back and make changes and delaying training after discovering it doesn’t work the way you wanted.

From computer mode to a landscape phone view, you know exactly how your e-learning course will appear to users on all devices.

Do you like the sound of Elucidat and want to see if it’s right for you and your company? With its easy-to-use menus and customization options, as well as all it’s great features, you can’t go wrong with Elucidat.

To double check that it’s right for your business, you can try a 14 day free trial to make up your mind.

One thing’s for sure, with Elucidat, it’s never been so easy to create e-learning courses by yourself.

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