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John Sherman

Whether you’re a professional looking to enhance your coaching skills or an expert leader who wants a refreshing approach to helping others, the Coaching Skills course is the one for you. This course takes a unique attitude to coaching and turns traditional ideas on their heads, giving a whole new viewpoint on how we can make the most of our coaching experience.

Traditional ideas of coaching may work in some areas, but the long-term results from this type of friendly and sometimes over-supportive mentoring aren’t always clear. The Coaching Skills approach gives you a completely unique take on how to be the best coach possible so that you get the full potential from your employees.

Does Coaching Actually Work?

When you think about coaches you’ve experienced in the past, whether it was someone at work in a supervisory role or a football coach during college sports, you’ll likely remember straight away if they were effective or not. A good coach should have a lifelong impact on us, and not necessarily with a friendship formed, but with the valuable lessons taught.

Coaching can be extremely effective, but maybe not necessarily in the traditional sense you might be thinking. This course helps you become a memorable leader to someone, giving you the skills and knowledge to get their absolute best from them. In turn, you’ll be able to witness sustained performance improvement in the workplace.

But what does the process entail and how is it different?

FACTS Coaching

The Coaching Skills course focuses on a modern approach to coaching, called FACTS. This approach was developed by Ian Day and John Blakey in their book, “Challenging Coaching: Going beyond traditional coaching to face FACTS.” The book explains how most forms of coaching used in the workplace are outdated and shows you a new and improved way of coaching others.

So, what is the FACT approach to coaching?

F – Feedback - This course shows you how to overcome your fear of giving feedback, which can often hold managers back from getting real results and seeing a change from their employees.

A – Accountability – How being held accountable in the workplace can make you far more likely to succeed in your goals.

C – Courageous Goal Setting – Rather than setting easy goals that you know you’ll be able to accomplish with ease, the FACTS approach teaches you to be courageous so that you work even harder to achieve them.

T – Tension  - You’ll learn how to create healthy tension so that you keep employees on their toes at all time and ready for anything.

S – Systems Thinking – The FACTS approach gets you to look at coaching process from a systemic and holistic point of view.

Who Is This Course For?

There’s really no limit to who can benefit from this course, so whether you’re an absolute beginner in the world of management and coaching or a seasoned professional, you’ll receive tons of value. As the course challenges traditional styles and methods of coaching, it’s especially ideal for those seasoned professionals who are looking for a more effective way to get things done.

The FACTS coaching approach is intended for those at management and board levels, however, there’s nothing stopping an ambitious worker from learning what they can to be an effective leader in the near future.

If you feel that your coaching could do with improvement, or just aren’t getting the results you had hoped from your employees, it’s time for a new approach. FACTS could be exactly what you are looking for to light a fire under your staff and improve your business out of sight.

Why Should You Check it Out?

Some might say that great leaders are born, the truth is that great coaches must be taught. Although the traditional sense of the word “coach” often leads us to think of a friendly and supportive mentor who teaches us various valuable skills and knowledge in a very specific way, the modern version may look a little different.

If we hope to stay ahead in the world of business or need a boost in our personal lives, our best strategy is to educate ourselves on a continuous basis. It’s impossible to stay on top of innovative and changing approaches to training in the workplace without a constant education, and this course can provide just that.

The FACTS approach to coaching will completely revolutionize the way you look at how you get results from others and will guarantee you an exceptional improvement in those you coach. Think about it: when we learn how to give constructive feedback and create a healthy tension in others, we can truly harness their full potential.

Are You Ready To Take Action?

This course is delivered in an enjoyable and interactive format, full of animated videos, stories, activities, and takeaways. This method of content delivery harnesses what we have found to be the most effective form of online learning, and ensures a far higher success and retention rate than traditional classroom learning.

When you become a truly effective coach at work, your managerial skills grow exponentially. If you are looking for better solutions to engage, inspire, and lead your teams, this course might be right for you.

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