Melvyn Lubega talks running a global company with Destiny Man

Scott Cooper

GO1's Head of Strategic Partnerships, Melvyn Lubega, recently took some time to have a chat with the people at DestinyMan about how the company has expanded so rapidly across the world, as well as discussing some of the challenges that are associated with having a global team.

“When we first launched the company, I headed up sales,” says Lubega. “This meant building and growing the team, while developing our sales process to be both predictable and scalable. As we grew, this meant managing people across an increasing number of geographies and time zones, which means a lot of late nights and early mornings.”

Melvyn also talks about how his time at the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation set him up for success and led him to gaining acceptance to the prestigious University of Oxford, which in turn led to joining the GO1 team.

“Through the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation Entrepreneurship Programme, I discovered that the difference between someone who is an entrepreneur and someone who is not is how they view the world,” he says.

Melvyn also has some great tips for aspiring businesspeople, which you can read along with the full article over at DestinyMan.com


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