Webinar catch-up: March product and content update

Catch up on the March webinar!
Erin O'Connor

Since our last update, the Go1 team have been working on a range of new features, and adding more content than ever before to the Premium library! We understand that not everyone is always able to make it to our webinars, so catch up on the webinar recording to find out about the latest product and content updates!

See below for more information about the webinar and the FAQs we covered.

Watch the webinar here:

In this webinar, the Product team walked you through the new Events functionality and demonstrated the new Explore dashboard and Learning experience feedback.

Content updates: What's New?

  • Trident Shield - US workplace and personal security (3 courses)
  • Bob’s Business - UK cybersecurity (20 courses)
  • Vital Learning - Leadership (80 courses)
  • Channel 1 Creative Media - Australian WH&S/Compliance (100+ courses)
  • Global Vision Media - Australian compliance (8 courses)
  • Wall Street Prep - Financial services (30 courses)
  • eLearning WMB - General PD (180 courses)
  • Developeople - General PD (152 courses)
  • 7 Dimensions - General PD (260 courses)
  • Fitzroy Academy - Social impact (7 courses)

Special focus on: Creative Live!

  • 1200 courses
  • Creative / digital skills
  • Beautifully designed
  • Engaging
  • All available in Premium

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Check out the questions we were asked in the webinar:

Comments or feedback on these questions? Email us at product@go1.com

Q: How do you add attendees to Events?

A: Thanks for the question -> You can watch the demonstration here. If you need more help, reach out to your friendly Customer Success Manager! You can also read our help guide on events.

Q: New Explore Dashboard - when this will go live?

A: We anticipate the dashboard will be ready within the next two weeks - we will keep you posted!

Q: How does a course get into a topic block on the new Explore Dashboard?

A: The ability to pin content is not an existing functionality within Go1. Go1 is continuing to release features that create engagement with all content items. The courses featured in the blocks depend on the content available in your content portal selection. The order is based on a combination of Machine Learning data being informed by tags, content title and popularity and your chosen settings. The focus of the blocks has been on premium content, but is not restricted.

Q: Can I access the learning experience feedback? Q: Does the feedback apply to locally created content?

A: This feedback feature is only available on PREMIUM and MARKETPLACE Go1 courses. The Go1 Data Science team will be using the data to tailor content suggestions to you and your learners. At the moment this feedback is not being captured on locally authored content, so you can continue to capture feedback from your learners as you are currently are.

Q: Vital Learning vs Vital Smarts ?

A: They don't appear to be the related organisations and we do not currently have Vital Smarts content. I have passed the name to our content team to investigate.

Q: Can I publish a course just for a small group instead of the whole company?

A: Yes, There are cases where you would want to control who sees the courses you create in your portal - whether it be making the course viewable to all users in the portal, a select few, a group, or administrators only. Within the course edit mode, Select the Visibility and access button on the top right corner to control who can access that course. Find out how to do that here.

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