How to manage different personalities in meetings

John Sherman

Do you want to make sure everyone contributes and makes your meeting productive?

Everyone knows that meetings are all about teamwork and coming together to be creative and productive. You know what they say, alone we can do so little, but together we can do much, much more. But, there’s one thing getting in the way.


It’s often hard to have a successful meeting when there are so many different personalities in one room.

When you’re in an office full of people, there are lots of personal traits, habits and personalities at work. Of course, this means that you naturally won’t see eye-to-eye with everyone, certainly not in the real world. There will definitely be things that will get on your nerves.

However, while you can ignore people outside of the office, you can’t do the same in meetings.

This doesn’t mean all is lost – it just means you’ve got to know how to manage different personalities effectively. Once you know how to do this, your meetings can be creative, energetic and most importantly, productive!

So, let’s break down the Managing Meeting Personalities course to see what it’s all about and how it can benefit our employees.

There’s no doubt this course will be valuable for all employees, but this is especially so for those that plan to manage meetings and set the agenda.

What’s included

The main attraction of this online e-learning course is the animated and interactive video, which explains all the main points for employees using an engaging and funny voiceover. It’s only a few minutes long, which keeps everyone active in the course.

There is also an infographic included with the course, which reiterates all of the information from the video, with colorful images to keep staff interested in the content. It’s great for ongoing learning in the workplace.

Manage Meeting Personalities – the content

The course takes a humorous approach to learning, with the storyline of the Meeting Squad and taking on characters, called the seven most deadly and dangerous Meeting Assassins.

The point is that everyone will recognize some of these personalities in meetings:

The Dominator – this is the person who’s all about their own ideas and finds it hard to listen and accept other people’s perspectives. In other words, it’s their way or the highway.

Captain Rambler – The person that derails the meeting and doesn’t stick to the important points. They can be there all day and waste precious time, as well as boring everyone. This is no good!

Mr. Latecomer – The one that’s never on time for your scheduled meeting, which can be disruptive and affect productivity for everyone else.

The Multi-tasker – From answering emails to checking social media, this person is always busy. But, the one problem is that they are contributing to everything other than your meeting!

Virtual Girl – The person virtually attending the meeting. While technology’s great for connecting us, something’s always wrong and this brings down productivity.

The Pro – This is the person that loves meetings, even when it’s unnecessary, which wastes everyone’s time and affects productivity.

Mr. Unprepared – Someone that’s never organized for a meeting, whether it’s not booking the room or not creating an agenda for the scheduled time.

The valuable part of this course is that it tells you how you can stop these personalities ruining your next meeting. It’s all about managing them and taking control of your meeting.

Users can click the characters on-screen to see the different techniques for management:

Dominant – creating a meeting agenda will combat colleagues that become dominant in meetings and want to take over. You can send a list of topics in order of their importance beforehand. In the meeting itself, you can politely remind them of the meeting’s goal.

Prolonged Speaker – If your meeting’s straying off-topic or someone’s taking too long to explain their point, you can explain that time’s running out and you’ve got to stick to the agenda of the meeting - the topic can be revisited at the end if there’s time.

Latecomers – make it clear you’ll be starting sharp at the meeting time and stress this point in the invitations. In addition, making comments that commit employees to attending at that time.

Distracted – the best way to combat those glazed over eyes is to keep meetings quick and focused on the important stuff. Short and snappy!

Meeting Professional – sometimes meetings just aren’t necessary. Think about sending an email or calling instead. Plus, enthusiasm can go a long way in making sure everyone’s on board and wants to attend a meeting.

Why is a Managing Meeting Personalities course important?

When employees learn about how to manage different personalities during a meeting, everyone performs better at their job. It’s all about how you can maximize the effectiveness of your meetings and make the most of your time. There’s no time to waste in business!

This course is going to let employees know how they can manage conflicting personalities and make sure they don’t ruin your next meeting, so they can get through everything that’s on the agenda.

Armed with the best ways to achieve success in the office, employees can feel confident and know they’re making progress for the future.

Most importantly, this course allows meetings to be more productive, enjoyable and time efficient – everyone’s a winner!

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