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Erin O'Connor

The need to invest in learning and development is becoming very clear; it can improve employee capabilities and productivity, better-engage your talent and encourage higher staff retention rates. The question however we are often asked is, how do I actually build a learning culture that sticks with my users? Read on, to find out our tips on how to boost engagement with Go1 to make sure your learning program is positively impacting your bottom line.


Make formal learning more dynamic

A formal learning program involves outlining a clear learning objective (for example more knowledge or a new skill) which will be obtained by the training program.

Formal learning is often the primary type of training organisations focus on. The combination of the Go1 content and the course capabilities on the platform, make it easy to construct a learning program that works towards a clear goal. The platform also has the option for evaluation of learning via a quiz which you can track through the Administer reporting capabilities. If you are managing a formal learning program and want to get users actively participating and completing their assigned learning, try incorporating diverse learning resources. Within a course, mix and match your corporate reading materials, with premium video content and conclude the learning with an assignment. The greater the variety, the more engaging the content will be.

On the topic of variety, with Go1 Premium you are in a unique position where you can access content from an extended list of different content providers. We encourage you to experiment with different providers, and make use of the different course formats, durations and learning items they all offer. This variety will better appeal to the different learning styles that your users will have. If you are unsure what courses to include for different topic areas, each month on the Go1 blog, we investigate a different content area and highlight some interesting courses Go1 providers offer, check it out here.

Pro-tip: The platform makes it easy for you to assign due dates on courses, and enable notifications to remind users of upcoming due dates. This helps you learners stay on top of their workload and all of their upcoming learning is trackable from their dashboard. Don't forget, if you need to remind some of your learners who might be falling behind to complete their work, use the bulk notification feature to prompt them to log in!

Encourage informal learning

Self-directed training is much more popular of late. Self-directed and informal training involves the learner choosing the activities and topics themselves. Formal training can also be self-directed, where your learner will select and carrie out their own learning goals.

Empower your staff to choose learning in areas that interests them. With direct access to over 6000 premium courses from their portal Explore, it is easy for your employees to take control of what informal training they undertake. Often your users are only logging in to do the formal training you've assigned them, without realising the value that a Go1 subscription can provide. It's important as first step you collaborate with your staff to identify what interests or concerns them in a professional context such as learning how to use the Adobe Suite. Help identify and highlight Go1 courses that they could be completing, and let your staff self-direct their own learning in that topic area. We've also made informal learning even easier with the personalised content recommendations, encourage your users to complete their profile in portal, so they can receive more targeted course suggestions.

If you are concerned about what content is accessible via Premium, and whether that content is in line with policy and company values. You can filter down what your users can find and enroll in, via the Content Portal Selection tool, and therefore giving your staff only a subset of content to explore themselves.

Blend your online learning with face-to-face /online events

Go1's new events functionality helps create more engaging and effective knowledge transfer. By including an online (webinar) or in person event as a part of your wider learning program, you can greatly improve the level of platform engagement. These events can be created for social learning opportunities (an example is: company lunch and learn) as much as they can also be training required for your company's formal compliance training - it's up to you! You have the option to make your courses more comprehensive with pre-learning, better engaging your users with the relevant content before the physical event date. We find our customers with high portal engagement often have an emphasis on face-to-face events as a core part of their programs.

Become the champion of Go1 for all learning and development

Outside of undertaking a course, much more can be done to build engagement with corporate learning and professional development.

Often formal learning programs are implemented to be quite static, with the expectation staff, for example, complete a compliance course annually. Ad-hock consumption of learning or reminders to log-in doesn't support engagement.

It's important you look at integrating Go1 into your internal ways of working. This could mean:

  • Making Go1 learning something consistently reviewed during staff and management 1-1 meetings
  • Becoming the company champion and facilitating internal reminders and awards for completing learning (leaderboard style)
  • Put time aside to staff help discover what they could be learning, or what they need to up-skill in. Review what they complete.
  • Use Go1 Awards which are inspired by trends in gamification, as a tool to track ongoing learning. From the day they are on-boarded, encourage your staff to track hours spent on personal and professional development.

Use the platform to support learning

Make Go1 your organisation's single source of truth, when it comes to knowledge sharing.

Go1 has the features to track informal knowledge sharing and general corporate information via content uploads in courses, so we suggest making Go1 a learning and information repository for your staff. Allow it to be accessible by all (or certain) staff based on the parameters you set in a group/or sharing to the whole organisation, making the social learning process more accesible in your organisation. We've found especially for regionally dispersed staff, having the ability to make a recording or notes available from an event or social learning activities like Lunch and Learns, makes your jobs easier. It makes Go1 the single source of truth and one place for your staff to go to find out more information.

The ability for your learners to also upload external learning for their professional development awards, further supports the concept within your organisation that Go1 is the only place users need to go to complete and manage their training.

Go1 helps millions of people in thousands of organizations engage in learning that is relevant, effective and inspiring.
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