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Erin O'Connor

You’re busy, fast food is easy, and the couch is comfy.

But it doesn’t have to be like that.

A productive team is a healthy team, so why not help your team make better lifestyle choices with the Healthy Heart program?

If you need some help in the right direction the Kineo Healthy Heart program powered by Go1 is the best place to start. The 7 healthy heart titles are suited to organisations looking to promote health and wellbeing amongst their employees and create a workplace wellbeing program for their staff.

Created by leading subject matter experts in health, nutrition and wellbeing at the University of South Australia. These courses provide learners useful tips and tricks for staying healthy in the workplace. Find out more here.

There are 7 course titles in the pack

Healthy Heart is a behaviour-focused program; featuring highly engaging activities with premium animations, illustrations and downloadable resources. Averaging 20 minutes each, these 7 titles are your guide to effective lifestyle changes.


1) Healthy Heart Fundamentals -

  • Provides your staff understanding of the basic elements of a heart-healthy lifestyle and the importance of a heart-healthy lifestyle, and how you can make healthy changes to your lifestyle.


2) Healthy Blood Pressure -

  • Provides your staff understanding of what blood pressure is, the risk factors that can cause high blood pressure, and
    how to identify which risk factors can be improved through lifestyle changes.



3) Healthy Eating and Your Heart -

  • Provides your staff understanding of the key elements of a heart healthy diet, and how food can affect the risk factors for heart disease.


4) Healthy Weight and Your Heart -

  • Provides your staff understanding of the relationship between weight and heart disease and how much energy the body requires.



5) Diabetes and Your Heart -

  • Provides your staff understanding of diabetes as a condition, how and why diabetes develops, and how to prevent it developing.


6) Physical Activity and Your Heart -

  • Provides your staff understanding of how activity levels affect health, the factors that can prevent us from exercising
    adequately, and strategies to help us increase our level of physical activity.


7) Shopping and Your Heart -

  • Provides your staff understanding of the importance of pre-planning your shop, strategies to make healthy shopping decisions, and how to read nutrition labels.


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