Course of the week: train your team on customer service skills

It's customer service training month at Go1.
Erin O'Connor

Yes, customer service is crucial and yes, customers do come first. But how do you actually train your teams to provide quality customer service?

This week we are focusing on two courses from our expert providers to give you tools and strategies to create an effective customer service strategy for your organisation.



Course: Introduction to Quality Customer Service

Course details:

This course underlines how, irrespective of what industry you are in or what function your team performs, you are in the business of providing a service and this means learning to go above and beyond the call of duty as a matter of course.

The quality customer service process

Author: Interaction Training 

They are an Australian-based provider at the forefront of the self-paced learning industry. Since helping pioneer computer-based training more than 30 years ago, Interaction Training has been committed to adopting the latest technologies that have the capability of accelerating the effectiveness of corporate learning. Through their partnership with Go1, more than 80 of Interaction Training’s courses are available to all our users. Their content covers a range of business, compliance, and personal development topics.


Course: Create a Culture of Great Customer Service

Course details:

Learn how to get you and your team living and breathing customer service. Without a culture of service within your organisation, good customer service simply will not thrive. Learn how to ingrain the right ideals into your company culture to ensure that they’re heeded each day by all of your team members.

This course will help you identify the key aspects of optimal customer service so you can teach it and instil it in your teams.

Key takeaways from the course include::

  • Developing a culture of service toward both your staff and customers.
  • Creating a mission, core values and vision statement that reflect your commitment to great customer service.
  • Empowering yourself and your team members to make a positive impact on customers with every action.
  • Learning about the smallest and easiest things you can do to make a big impact on your customers and clients.
  • Overcoming fears of interacting with strangers by learning the tools and tricks to good interactions.

Author: Creative Live

Creative Live are a new addition to Go1 Premium and have a breadth of content topics available! They specialise in business and creativity skills, and broadcast live classes to an international audience. They have over 1720 courses joining the Go1 Premium library, and are known for their engaging, high-quality courses. Their courses cover a huge range of topics, and help develop people into more creative, communicative and resilient humans – at work and in life.


Try out the interaction Training and Creative Live courses and let us know what you think!

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