Course category of the month - July: management

Find out how Go1's Premium training is one of the best ways to help employees build their management skills.
Erin O'Connor

July is management month at Go1!

This month, we're focusing on all things management - so keep an eye on the blog over the next few weeks to read more about Go1’s relevant training content!


Being a good manager requires a special skillset that should be continually developed and improved upon, no matter what stage a manager is at in their career. 

At the core of good management is the ability to successfully manage your team. This means you know how to offer regular support and encouragement to employees, helping them to maximise their potential so they can get where they want to go in their career. 

The concept that ‘great managers are born, not made’, is very far from the truth today. Born with it or not, all new managers need training and development to reach their full potential. This month, we will look at courses for managers at all levels - which are designed to make managers feel more confident in their ability to lead and inspire a team, while managing team members in a fair and appropriate way. New manager training should focus on the specific habits and behaviours that lead to great performance. And even if you’re an experienced manager, it's important to not neglect training! With the workplace rapidly evolving, new skills and management techniques should be the focus of ongoing training, providing you wth additional skills to better run your team.

Why invest in management training? Trained managers are more productive employees - the right training means they know how to do their job efficiently and how to set realistic goals and devise strategies for achieving them. This is really important because managers must constantly balance their own workload and allow time to work with their team. 


Taking your team's management training online can strengthen any manager's skillset.

With Go1 Premium, whether you're a new manager or an executive, you can explore hundreds of online training topics important in the day to day role as a manager. You can find courses for specific management skills including: providing feedback, developing employees, effective decision making, performance management, and using the SMART approach to goal setting.

Throughout the month of July we will spotlight raining for new hires, ethically important courses for managers, and a Go1 Premium provider with a strong management training library.


To learn more about Go1's extensive range of management courses, be sure to come back to the blog throughout the month of July!

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