July 5th: Go1 Provider Playlist

This week, we welcome some exciting new providers in the IT, Sales and Diversity sectors!
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NEW: Global Premium Providers

Go1 welcomes Bite Size


Bite Size is a company specialising in Microsoft Office training lessons and were the pioneers in delivering a typical one day Microsoft Office course in easy to learn bite sized chunks.

Bite Size have highly qualified specialists across the IT training and marketing and communications sectors who create their Bite Size learning.

The Go1 Premium library contains 15 learning resources from Bite Size, that range from Introductory to Expert levels in the MS Office suite:

  1. MS Office 365 (Introduction, Intermediate)
  2. Word 2016 (Introduction, Intermediate, Advanced, Master)
  3. Excel 2016 (Introduction, Intermediate, Advanced, Master, Expert)
  4. MS SharePoint (Introduction and Site Owners)
  5. OneNote and Powerpoint 2016 Introductory courses.

The Bite Size courses are designed to give you the freedom and flexibility to learn how to use Microsoft products in easy to use bite size pieces. With their courses, each lesson takes on average 3-5 minutes to complete and the estimated full course duration is 3-4 hours. Check out some of their courses below:

The MS Office 365 – Introduction. This level of course is for anyone who wants to understand how to use Office 365. It's suitable for complete beginners or those who have a little self-taught knowledge.

By the end of this course:

  • You will be able to access your Office 365 account, understand the home page, change settings, themes and sign out.
  • You will be able to access the online version of Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint and learn about the difference between contacts and groups.  
  • Learn the difference between SharePoint and OneDrive.  
  • Understand about other apps such as Yammer, Teams and Planner.

MS Excel 2016 - Expert. This level of course is for anyone who has a very good practical knowledge of using MS Excel.

By the end of this course:

  • You will be to create dynamic ranges, use ISERR, ISBLANK and ISNA functions and DSUM and DCOUNT.  
  • You will also take macros to another level by exploring the Visual Basic Editor and turning off screen flashing.
  • Lastly you will explore further features with pivot tables such as filtering fields and calculated items.


Go1 welcomes Sandler


Sandler Training is a world leader in innovative sales, leadership and management training.

Sandler has taught its distinctive, non-traditional selling system and highly effective sales training methodology, which has helped salespeople and sales managers take charge of the process. The nontraditional training approach is of constant reinforcement for lasting change, whether applied to individual sales professionals or entire sales teams.

Sandler Training uses repetition to help clients understand the principles and strategies that form our selling system, and then to develop the skills to put those strategies into action, and apply them in day-to-day business situations.

Sandler has different series of learning items, such as: No Pressure Prospecting, Dealing with Difficult people, Formula for Success, Blind spots plus more! Here are two of Sandler's most popular courses:

The Sandler Rules for Sales Leaders

This course details 49 sales management principles based on the proven principles of the Sandler Selling System. In this course, you will learn best practices for sales leaders, which you can immediately implement with the members of your team. We will give you an overview of the attitudes, behaviours, and techniques which we have found to be most effective over the past five decades.

Dealing with Difficult People and Situations

This is a four-part course containing instructor-led videos to help you deal with difficult business situations.

No matter what your position is in the organisation, you will have to deal with angry, upset or difficult people at some point. It’s part of the job, but many people find it to be a stressful part of their day, which can lead to burnout - unless there is an established, step-by-step process in place.

Managers have difficult conversations with employees, salespeople have difficult negotiations, and other frontline positions deal with difficult customers and demands regularly. This new online self-study course from Sandler will look at difficult people and situations. What makes them difficult? Why do we often feel uncomfortable with these situations? How do we avoid getting into these situations? How can we use proven Sandler techniques to institute a step-by-step process to resolve conflict without escalating it?  And, how can we fix both the problem and the upset customer while still maintaining our own confidence and self-esteem?


Go1 welcomes Symmetra


Via Go1 Premium, Symmetra has made their cutting-edge diversity and inclusion products available.

Symmetra are a premier name in diversity and inclusion training in the Asia Pacific region, with content that is suitable across a range of industries. Symmetra courses are predominantly gamified to better stimulate learner thinking, increase engagement and encourage completion of the learning items.

All Go1 customers have access to their 18 resources ranging from compliance, management and leadership, so you can ensure across your whole organisation, staff have strong diversity and inclusion training.

Symmetra has your human resource content covered, with top courses including:

Preventing Bullying & Harassment

Up to 50% of all people will experience some form of workplace bullying in their career. In this interactive, game-based course you will learn how to recognise and guard against bullying and harassment in the workplace. You will learn how to differentiate between what is acceptable and what is not, develop an understanding of your rights and obligations, and learn some useful tips for addressing inappropriate behaviour and fostering an inclusive workplace culture.

Cross Cultural Intelligence

In this interactive, game-based course employees will learn how to identify and adapt to cultural differences. Users will learn how to recognise their own worldview,  how it's different to other cultures and how this impacts on the workplace. The course also focuses on why cross cultural intelligence is important for you and your organisation and provides tips on anticipating cultural differences and becoming culturally savvy so you can improve collaboration


Go1 welcomes Time to Impress


Time to Impress specialises in training for gaming machine vendors, the only specialised training provider on this topic in Australia.

TTI content is especially relevant for sporting clubs, RSLs and anyone who operates poker machines in their business. TTI courses are highly recommended for hospitality workers, being easy to consume on the job and covering key service and communication skills for gaming staff within a pub or club environment

Time to Impress has 18 video based learning resources, with top courses including:

Gaming Appreciation

Gaming Appreciation is an integral part of training for anyone that works in a gaming venue – from operations to kitchen staff, valets and cleaners. Every staff member in a gaming venue has the potential to either deliver a great experience to your guests, or the potential to drive them away forever. In just 45 minutes, your staff will have a sound understanding of the fundamentals of engaging with gaming guests and using practical examples based on real-life situations. This course is a consolidated version of Gaming Essentials, and is designed to be an integral component of training for anyone that works in a gaming venue, but specifically for those who do not regularly face customers in the gaming room.

Gaming Essenitals

The Gaming Essentials course should be your foundation training for all staff that deal with customers in gaming venues. It sets a sound benchmark for gaming service, with practical examples that will align with your own base-level expectations for service teams. The course covers 11 essential-to-understand topics, ranging from gaming philosophy, the greeting, dealing with money, hardware, gameplay, attitude, teamwork, adaptive service and more. This course is intended for all staff that deal with customers in gaming venues, irrespective of their role.

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