July 12th: Go1 Provider Playlist

This week, we welcome some exciting new providers in the healthcare and childcare industries!
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NEW: Global Premium Providers

Go1 welcomes HealthStaffED


With over 200 hours of content available via Go1 - HealthStaffEd are setting the benchmark for online learning for the healthcare industry. 

HealthStaffEd provide the best in current, relevant, interactive eLearning. The Go1 Premium library contains 128 learning resources from HealthStaffEd, that range from specific illnesses, administering medication,  infection control, hand hygiene, aged care and many more topics. HealthStaffEd content is designed for nurses and aged care staff. 

Check out some of their courses below, available to all Go1 Premium customers:

Foods and medication interactions

This 1.5 hour interactive course identifies some of the most common interactions that may occur when some foods are mixed with medications, and the adverse effects that may result.

Target Audience: Nurses

Iron Deficiency Anaemia in Adults - Diagnosis, Management and Prevention

This 2 hour interactive course covers the causes and implications of IDA in adults and provides strategies for the diagnosis management and prevention of IDA.

Target Audience: Nurses

Infection control: Reducing healthcare acquired injuries from sharps

This 1.5 hour interactive course will assist all healthcare personnel to stay safe when dealing with contaminated sharps especially needles.

Target Audience: All healthcare workers


Go1 welcomes Child Care College


Go1 has a 10 courses in the child care space from International Child Care College. International Child Care College (ICCC) is a leading Australian vocational education training provider in Early Childhood Education and Care programs.

International Child Care College is an award-winning Registered Training Organisation, with a 15 year-long standing in the industry. ICCC are known for delivering quality outcomes for new and existing early childhood educators. The content comes from qualified trainers who have worked in a range of services over a number of years in a variety of positions.

Check out some of their courses below, available to all Go1 Premium customers:

Working in children's services: Child protection - Reporting

This course details the responsibilities of educators and the service in relation to reporting their suspicions that a child may be at risk of abuse or neglect. It examines the steps an educator should take if a child discloses their abuse to you, and also looks at some common barriers or reasons why an educator might not want to report their suspicions.

Working in children's services: WHS compliance

This course focuses on the importance of Workplace Health and Safety for educators in an early childhood service. It gives practical examples of typical policies and procedures in the workplace, and looks at the consequences to the educator as well as the service and other staff members if WHS policies and procedures are not followed. It looks at the most common injuries educators suffer from and how safe work practices can help avoid them.

Working in children's services: Hazards and risks

This course introduces educators to the steps in the risk management process, in the context of early childhood education and care services. It provides lots of examples of the kinds of hazards that can be found in services, and ways that their risk can be removed or reduced to provide a safe environment.


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