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Why you should join the Go1 team

Sandra Klein

As the Recruitment and Culture officer, it is my job to sell Go1 to any candidates that I am interviewing, or trying to persuade to join us. I really enjoy this part of my job as I love talking about why I enjoy coming to the office every day and working for an amazing company like Go1.

But before I get into it, I want to talk about what motivates us all to get up in the morning and come into the office every day. Surprisingly, it isn’t the money that drives us as long as we perceive that component to be fair.

According to author Daniel Pink in "Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us" the secret to high performance and employee satisfaction is ‘the need to direct our own lives, to learn and create new things, and to do better by ourselves and our world’.

So how is Go1 working to align with Daniel Pink’s wisdom?

Firstly, our employees are given the autonomy to be the masters of their job. Flat hierarchies allow every single employee to take initiative and try out new ways of working while they have their manager and team there for support and guidance. This encourages everybody to speak up, share new ideas with the bigger team and innovate. We simply trial new ideas to see if they simplify processes or enhance our product.

Speaking of our product - Go1 leverages a world of learning and we all know that our work makes the world a better place. We work to solve training problems for anyone, enhance training capability, and ultimately create stronger more skilled teams. We believe that learning is the biggest lever that can change the world.

Our work enables employees around the world to learn something new whenever they want and increase their skills and capabilities.

And of course, we all benefit from our own product as we have access to over 1000 online courses to learn something new every day. We are all very passionate about learning.

Go1 also buys every employee a book of their choice once a month for their personal and professional development. We love telling our colleagues what we are reading and sharing our new knowledge and inspiring advice.

In our spare time, Go1 inspires us to be the best version of ourselves: all employees who are volunteering in their spare time have the full support of the company, with twice as much leave being made available for any time that is spent volunteering for a good cause.

I personally want to add one more factor to employee happiness - and that is naturally fun!

Here at Go1, we always find the time to have a laugh with our colleagues too, we care about each other and always have a moment to talk to each other - no matter how busy we are. We exercise together, play soccer or basketball - and eat together, whether it’s our regular Friday office lunch, our monthly BBQs, or just an (extra-)ordinary day at the office. 

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