Inspirational leadership: an online course

John Sherman

Are you an inspirational leader to your team?

We can all benefit from having a leader in our lives, whether it’s in our career or personal life. But, it’s particularly important in a working environment to be more than just a leader – you’ve got to be an inspirational leader.


This way you can push your colleague to reach their full potential, motivate them to follow your plan and make sure everyone is as productive as they can be.

Some people are naturally charismatic, brave and inspiring and these traits make them great leaders. People like Martin Luther King and Richard Branson are famous for being inspirational leaders and despite what you think, you’ve got the potential to do this too!

To start with, you’ve got to have the belief that you can be an inspirational leader. Otherwise, why would anyone else?

Don’t worry, you don’t need years and years of experience either. You can save a lot of time with the help of an inspirational leadership training course.

By listening to advice and information from some of the best research studies and leaders in the world, you can take your career to the next level.

Styles of Leadership

When we talk about style what we refer to is the behaviors you use when you’re directing and motivating people. This topic explains Kurt Lewin’s research in finding out different styles of leadership.

This study involved children being put into three groups – authoritarian, democratic and laissez-fair. Their behavior was observed to see how they reacted to different styles of leadership.

With an authoritarian leader, there was less creativity and they were viewed as bossy and dictatorial. Democratic leadership was found to be most effective, where guidance is offered, but they also participate in the group and allow input from everyone.

The laissez-fair group was the least productive and there was little cooperation, lack of progress.

There’s also charismatic leadership, which you can use to inspire and motivate others. Research shows that some of the greatest leaders did this through vision, positivity and personality.

Positivity to Inspire

Our mood and energy have the capability to affect others around us. The video explains social contagion theory, which is when human behavior involves mimicking others facial expressions and moods.

If you want to be an inspirational leader, you’ve got to make sure you have positive feelings. The video explains four things you can do if you’re feeling down.

First, label it and name what you’re experiencing to allow it to disappear quicker. Second, take a deep breath to calm down. three, get active and go out for a walk to reduce stress. Fourth, use embodiment to try and trick yourself into feeling better.

Of course, to be a good leader, you’ve also got know how to improve others around you with positive interactions. Show you value and respect employees. In addition, organize team building activities to create a positive working environment.

Storytelling to Inspire

People respond to stories and understand concepts better in this format. Stories are proven to be more memorable. This section examines Neil Flemming’s VARK model and the three types of learning – visual, auditory and kinetic learners.

You’ll see some of the top companies use storytelling to influence the public and you can use them to inspire people. The content explains Stephen Denning’s theory of a storytelling catalog to make sure it’s the perfect story for the right situation.

Why is an Inspirational Leadership Course Important?

When you’ve got an inspirational leader in charge of other employees, everyone works better and achieves more success.

An inspirational leader will have the support and trust of other employees around them and this allows your company to achieve common goals together.

Our inspirational leadership course can benefit anyone who has influence over other colleagues in their role. It’s not just necessary for managers and supervisors.

If you’re an experienced employee who others look up to, this course will allow you to guide them and push them to reach their full potential. In addition, it’ll make sure everyone works together harmoniously in the office.

With the help of a training course, everyone has the potential to become an inspirational leader. So, why not give your employees the opportunity to become an inspirational leader today?

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