Improve your training with our end of July update

Chris Hood

With the release of the end of July Go1 update we have several improvements to the platform that will help to improve managing both users and content for Administrators. Updates to the way learning items are displayed, tool to allow Administrators to mark attendance in events, region based tags and the introduction of coupons headline our improvements, as well as a stack of other updates to improve the way you train your team.


Assessors can mark attendance for events in courses

After introducing the ability to include events within courses earlier this year, we have now added a new tool to make tracking in-person events even easier. You can now open a list of all event attendees and simply click the button in the ‘Attended’ column to track the user.

Introducing Coupons

Administrators can now generate their own coupons within Go1 which can then be applied by users to redeem courses in a portal, or specific courses as specified by the Administrator. These can be created for a percentage or monetary value, with the ability to cater for partial or full purchase of content on behalf of the user.

Improvements to Learning Item display

We understand that one of the most important aspects of engagement when it comes to learning content is how it looks to the end user. In this updated the way that learning items will appear both individually and within modules, to allow for a more visually friendly experience.

Add tags and regions to individual Learning Items

If you are creating content that is available across a range of topics and specific locations, our update to tags will help you to get your content seen. You can now specify tags and regions for individual learning items making it easier to create material across a range of locations where the content is relevant only to a local audience.


Other Improvements and updates:

  • Show next available event on card for course with multiple events
  • Awards label improvements
  • Transaction history page available for course credits/purchases
  • Improvements to reporting for assigned courses
  • View/accept contract in Portal settings
  • Updates to course event interface
  • Administrator can bulk import enrollments
  • Ability to report on Awards added
  • Course Authors can change assessors after course has been active
  • Updates to course catalogs interface
  • Admins can generate multiple LTI’s for a course

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