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Improve the way you access learning content with our mid-September update

Making it as simple as possible to gain access to the learning content that you need is critical in any training program. As a part of our mid-September update we have made several improvements to streamline this process, and allow your users to get the content that they want quickly and easily.
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From purchasing and assigning content, to managing groups and enrollment reports, and assigning due dates. Plus we’ve got a stack of new tools that will help you to save time and streamline the way that you deliver learning material.

Simplified Course Purchase and Assigning Process

Being able to purchase and assign content to your users has now been simplified. You can now enter your credit card details to purchase credits which can be assigned to users to be redeemed for courses, or users can request that their manager purchase a course for them.

Administrators Can Now Manage Groups

In this update we have improvements to the Administrator dashboard to include a new tab for Group. Under this section you can quickly see and manage all of the groups in your portal, including editing details, adding and deleting groups, and filtering options for those with large numbers of groups in their portal.

“Parent” and "Assessor" fields available on enrollment reports

When reporting on on enrollment courses, you can now see the Parent and Assessor fields. This allows Administrator to view learning items within a report along with the Parent course, or course in which the learning items is located to provide a more in depth reporting ability on content.

Other updates and improvements include:

- Improvements to reporting user interface
- Reporting is now available on Awards
- Updates to improve bulk user importing
- The My Teaching tab has a new filter to show all pending assessments
- Improvements to Discussion for @ mention, attachments, and file dropzones
- Portal admin can view & delete users assigned learnings
- Improved interface for group pages

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